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Standard of adblue fittings

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Standard of adblue fittings

This standard applies to urea quick connectors used for connection in urea (SCR) systems using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. The standard defines the standard end size of the pipe end to ensure the interchangeability of the urea hose fittings in use.

This standard also applies to urea quick connectors used in gasoline, diesel, air delivery systems, or their vapor emission or volatilization control systems: the maximum working pressure is less than 6 atmospheres, the maximum negative pressure is less than 0.6 atmospheres, and the temperature is negative Range of 45 degrees to 120 degrees.

Test content introduction:

A. Leak test process: Leak test is to ensure that the urea quick connector meets the most stringent volatile regulations and safety regulations. The details are as follows.

1. Apply a pressure of 70 kPa ± 7 kPa to the quick connector, and the leakage rate shall not exceed 2 cubic centimeters/minute.

2. Apply a pressure of 1134 kPa±35 kPa to the quick coupling, and the leakage rate shall not be greater than 5 cubic centimeters per minute.

3. Apply a negative pressure of 60 kPa to the quick connector, and the leakage rate shall not be greater than 2 cubic centimeters/minute.

Before the test, it is necessary to ensure that the entire urea hose has no leakage except the tested urea line quick-release fittings. You can determine whether the state has been stabilized by observing the output curve of the actual leakage rate.

B. Insertion force test process; samples should be dried for 48 hours before testing.

1. Immerse the test SCR quick connector with the force measuring device and the same shape as the male quick connector into SAE 30 heavy oil to the flange. 

2. The test urea fittings is inserted at a speed of 51±5mm/min, and the insertion force is measured at the same time.


The maximum plug-in force during the first plug-in connection shall not be greater than 65N, and the plug-in force of the male connector with a diameter not less than ≥11mm shall not be greater than 110N.

C. Pull-out force test: The pull-out force of the quick connector is the maximum force required when pulling out the matching pipe end from the quick connector. The test procedure is as follows;

With a force measuring device, a tensile force is applied to the test end with the same shape of the male connector until it is completely separated, and the tensile force is measured at the same time.


1. The maximum pull-out force of the quick connector that has never been installed is not more than 470N. 

2. The maximum pull-out force of the assembled quick connector is not more than 300N.

D. Lateral force test; the quick-release connector must be able to withstand the lateral force such as when the hose is arranged or when the hose is pulled. It is required that the quick couplings with specifications of 5/16” and above shall not be broken, cracked or bent when subjected to 210N lateral load. The specifications below 5/16” shall be determined by mutual agreement.

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