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Hydraulic Hose Applications

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Hydraulic Hose Applications


Hydraulic hoses meet the demands of industrial applications. Industrial hose manufacturers use a variety of methods to meet the growing demands of industrial applications. Those techniques cover different categories of hydraulic hoses and vary in terms of the number of internal wire braids or spirals used in the reinforcement layer; the type of rubber used in the construction of the tube and the outer covering; and the ferrules and fittings. For example, rubber hoses used for low- and medium-pressure applications typically have two wire braids in the reinforcement layer. Hoses used in higher pressure applications often have four or six wire spiral braids in the reinforcement layer.

Reinforcement Layer

The reinforcement layer resists system pressure with a construction and materials designed to match application needs. Rubber hoses operating in low-pressure and high pressure ranges may have reinforcement layers that consist of textile materials such as polyester or interwoven wire braid made from carbon steel or stainless steel that has different strengths and thicknesses. Very high and ultra-high pressure applications require reinforcement layers with a spiral configuration. Other applications use a combination of textile braiding and a helix wire that prevents the hose from collapsing under vacuum. Some pressure ranges require multiple layers of reinforcement.


Cover Construction

The cover protects the tube and reinforcement layer from damage. Manufacturers select cover materials according to the capability to resist abrasion, sunlight, chemicals, and extreme temperatures within the effects of aging. The cover also includes the manufacturer's name; the part number; the pressure range or application; the size, the date of manufacture; and the industry standard. SAE and ISO standards specify minimum requirements and characteristics for all categories of rubber hoses



Some applications—such as hydrostatic transmissions and high-impulse off-road construction equipment—require extremely high-pressure hydraulic hoses that vary in size and have operating pressures that range from 3,000 psi to 6,000 psi. Mining applications, heavy construction equipment, trucks, and farm implements use very high pressure industrial hoses that offer greater flexibility for tighter bends. Very high pressure industrial hose have four spiral wires or six spiral wires in the reinforcement layer.  Many different applications—including agricultural, construction, aerial lift, snow plows, and automotive—rely on medium-pressure hoses that carry a variety of fluids. Depending on the application, the fluids may vary from hydraulic oils, high temperature fluids, and anti-freeze solutions to air and water. Applications that have working pressures less than 300 psi utilize low-pressure hoses that can handle hydraulic oil, anti-freeze, water, and air as transfer, suction, and return lines.


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