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How do you do a diesel leak off pipe test?

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As we know, the leakage of diesel leak off pipe is very dangerous,and the causes of it are different. Leak off pipe is a very important part of it, so we absolutely necessary how to test diesel leakage pipe.

The hazards of diesel leakage pipe problems

The effect of oil leakage in the fuel return line 

What to do if the car oil return pipe leaks?

1.The hazards of diseal leakage pipe problems

Diseal is a yellow-brown oil bai-like liquid with a special oily  smell. After the diseal is burned, some odorous organic gases will be generated. Therefore, there is still a smell in the diesel engine emissions. It is flammable and explosive and belongs to hazardous chemicals.So,it is very necessary to pay more attention to it.

A large amount of diesel leakage can cause a fire; if the combustion in the tank is not treated in time, it will cause an explosion. Long-term human exposure may cause headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

diesel leak off pipe

2.The effect of oil leakage in the fuel return line 

Oil leakage in the fuel return line mainly has the follow fourth aspects. First, diesel leaking pipe leaks oil will definitely increase fuel consumption. Second, leaking pipe leaks oil may cause dirt to accumulate on the surface of the engine and affect other electronic components. Third, The oil leakage in the oil return pipe causes the pressure in the oil pipe to decrease, which is likely to cause poor gasoline liquefaction effect and reduce engine efficiency.Last but not least, it is prone to safety hazards, and the fuel is flammable and explosive.

3.What to do if the car oil return pipe leaks?

Oil leakage in the fuel return line of a car is generally caused by damaged oil seals or excessive pipeline pressure. Of course, this is only a common factor, and there are also some other reasons. It is necessary to check carefully to find the problem.

Step1:Check the outside of the tubing. Generally speaking, oil leakage will seep to the outside of the pipe, and it is also obvious. Therefore, you must first look at the outside to observe whether there is any damage to the fuel return line that causes oil leakage. The other is to check whether the joint of the oil pipe is the source of the oil leakage, and if so, proceed to the next inspection.

Step2:Check the front and rear oil seals of the crankshaft. Check whether the oil seal is leaking due to aging, cracking, etc. It may also be that the oil seal is loose and the tightness is not enough to leak oil. These can be replaced or tightened. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is any leakage in the parts of the engine lubrication system.

Step3:Checking how tight the ventilation box and the oil inlet needle valve are. If the vent box is blocked, it will cause poor ventilation, which will cause the pressure in the crankcase to rise, resulting in multiple oil leakage. If it is a carburetor-type fuel supply mode, it may be caused by the high level of the carburetor, the position of the float needle valve,  as long as the carburetor is cleaned.

In short, it is very necessary to test thediesel leak off pipe. If you can't find the reason, just buy ouroil leakage pipe. We have someone to help you test it and bring you peace of mind.


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