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How about the compression resistance of the double-layer pressure-resistant braided silicone tubing?

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How about the compression resistance of the double-layer pressure-resistant braided silicone tubing?

4层纤维增强 拷贝

The functional design principle of braided silicone tubing products is to make the traditional silicone tubing resistant to high pressure through a special process. The reason for this is that some products pass through relatively high air pressure and water pressure, which may reach tens of kilograms. If ordinary silicone tubing is used, it will break directly under such high pressure. Increasing the wall thickness can also appropriately improve the compression resistance, but it is far from meeting the requirements, It is only by adding braided wire that the silicone can keep the network structure stable and unbroken under compression, and then a layer of silicone outer tube is sheathed to strengthen the overall compression resistance, which can obtain the characteristics of high pressure resistance.

In addition to the amazing pressure resistance, its bending radius effect is also very good. In the water dispenser enterprise user scenario, the pipe used to guide water is a silicone tube. This kind of silicone tube needs to withstand ordinary water pressure. Insufficient pipe support force can easily cause the pressure to stop suddenly during work, and the silicone tube will be sucked by negative pressure, which will cause bending deformation. If the flow is blocked, you can choose to replace it with a braided silicone tube, because there are braided wires and two layers of silicone tubes as support, and the braided wires are regularly and precisely woven and do not have the ability to stretch, so the bending ability is greatly improved, which can reach 35~200mm will not be blocked.

The pressure resistance of the silicone braided tube is divided into positive and negative pressure. If it is resistant to positive pressure, it is slightly easier to handle. It is necessary to braid a layer of fiber wire outside the inner tube to extrude the outer tube. The negative pressure resistance is more difficult to handle, the braided line needs to be very stable, there must be no expansion space, and it must have a certain support force. For example, the steel wire silicone braided tube has an amazing negative pressure resistance and a good positive pressure resistance.

At present, most of the work is still based on positive pressure, and the blasting pressure needs to reach 12~38 kg. The larger the inner diameter of the braided silicone tube, the lower the compressive capacity, the smaller the inner diameter, the higher the compressive capacity. Pressure calculation, so when the inner diameter becomes smaller, the gas that can pass through will be smaller, but the pressure per cubic meter will not change, so small-diameter products tend to have stronger pressure resistance than large-diameter products, while large-diameter silicone braids the pressure of the tube passing through it at one time is too high, and the silica gel and the fiber line will burst under the gas that has not changed, so it is better to use it between 12 and 25 kg.

If it is necessary for products with very strong pressure resistance, the wall thickness can be appropriately increased to change the braided wire. No matter how complicated the environment is and how high pressure is, as long as you make good use of and understand the braided silicone tube, you can deal with it calmly. You can replace the inner bend, the braid, and the production process. These methods and methods are flexibly applied. In fact, braiding Silicone tubing is sufficient for many requirements


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