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Features of high temperature resistant silicone hose

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Features of high temperature resistant silicone hose

heat resistant silicone hose

Silicone hoses are rubber hoses that are widely used in industry, food, health care and pharmaceutical industries, and are often used as high temperature resistant hoses. Due to its special material properties, the silicone hose can reach 220 degrees and is often used to transport some high temperature liquid. The high temperature resistant silicone tubing is mainly used to transport some acidic and alkaline liquids or hot liquids.

There is no essential difference between high temperature resistant silicone hose and ordinary silicone hose in terms of material, performance, but it is necessary to use high temperature resistant silicone hose instead of rubber hose for high temperature usage. High temperature resistant silicone hoses are basically the same as ordinary silicone hoses, and they are called mainly because customers name them according to their use environment.

Silicone hoses can be named according to their use environment: acid and alkali resistant silicone hoses, high temperature resistant silicone hoses.

According to the material, it can be divided into: braided silicone hose, steel wire silicone hose.


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