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Do you know the high temperature and high tensile silicone hose?

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Do you know the high temperature and high tensile silicone hose?

high tensile silicone hose

High temperature and high tensile strength silica gel refers to silica gel with high tensile strength. The silica gel is odorless, non-toxic, and physiologically inert. Therefore, the raw materials used in the production of pressure cooker gaskets and baby pacifiers in the food industry are non-toxic and can be processed into food-grade ordinary silicone rubber without special requirements. For example, ordinary cushions, films, plates, hoses, etc. According to performance and application, it can be divided into general type, ultra low temperature type, ultra high temperature type, high strength type, oil resistant type, medical type, etc.

The basic introduction of high temperature and high tensile silicon:

  1. Use raw rubber to gradually add vapor-phase white carbon black and other auxiliary materials. Compared with ordinary silicone rubber, vapor-phase rubber has a higher fineness, and it also has better strength when mixed and formed.

   2. The tensile strength can reach between 7MPa-9MPa, the transparency can reach translucent to fully transparent, and the               hardness of common specifications is 10-80 degrees.

   3. Compared with ordinary rubber compounds, high tensile silica gel has better tear strength, elasticity and transparency.                   Especially for pressure cookers, silicone hoses, sheaths and various industrial products, high tensile silicone is irreplaceable!

Storage and packaging requirements:

When stored in an unopened package at room temperature (avoid direct sunlight, maximum 32oC/90oF) or below, the product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of birth. Be careful not to store in a humid environment when storing.


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