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Application Method of Fuel Line Quick Connector

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The SAE fuel line quick coupling is an ideal component for automotive piping connections and has been widely used in automotive fuel systems. Technical characteristics:Medium:fuel, air, oil / oil gas working pressure of about 10 bar, engine area working temperature :-40°C ~ +115°C, short time to +150°C (about 30 minutes), to meet the requirements of SAE J2044.

How to connect and disassemble the fuel line quick connector:

The fuel line quick connector consists of a connector housing, an inner O-ring, an outer O-ring, an isolating ring, an outer ring, and a self-locking buckle. When another pipe adapter (male connector) is inserted into the connector, the self-locking buckle it has a certain elasticity, and the snap fastener can be used to connect the two connectors together, and then pull back to ensure that the installation is in place, so that the quick connector works. When repairing and disassembling, just push the male connector first and then press the snap button on both ends of the self-locking buckle to make the self-locking buckle expand in the middle, the connector can be easily pulled out, and the SAE 30 heavy oil should be used for lubrication before reconnecting.

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The fuel line quick connector adopts double seal ring radial sealing structure, and the inner O-ring adopts modified rubber, which is mainly designed for the physical and chemical properties of the fluid to prevent aging, corrosion, swelling, etc.; the outer O-ring has an intermediate isolation ring. Separated, the two sealing rings have corresponding movable space, no rubber matrix bonding occurs, and the outer O-ring adopts synthetic rubber to enhance mechanical properties and prevent air aging. The sealing ring and the isolating ring are firmly fixed in the housing through the elastic bayonet device of the outer retaining ring, and the sealing ring is not peeled off and displaced. Great guarantee of the safety of the seal.

The design and production of the fuel line quick connector is strictly in accordance with SAE J2044 (Fast connector Specification for Fuel and Steam/Volatilization Systems). If the existing product does not meet the customer's needs, we will design and produce according to the customer's requirements. The plug-and-pull self-locking structure makes connecting and disconnecting quicker and simpler, and the space required for operation is only the width of one finger on each side. These features ensure that the connectors are densely packed and add flexibility to the customer's design.

Working environment of fuel line quick connector:

a, gasoline and diesel delivery systems.

b. Operating pressures up to 500 kPa, 5 bar, (72 psig).

c. Operating vacuum is as low as -50 kPa, -0.55 bar, (-7.2 psig)

d. Operating temperature range -40°C (-40°F) to 115°C (-239°F), short time 150°C.


Used in the automotive industry:

The SAE quick coupler is suitable for tube-to-tube connections as well as tube-to-device connections.

·Fuel piping

·Conveying and return line

·The fuel tank drain line

·Exhaust line

·Oil cooling pipe


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