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The function of the high pressure oil pump

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The working principle of the high pressure oil pump:

1. The oil pump pumps the fuel from the fuel tank and passes through a filter with a water separator to enter the high pressure oil pump through the oil inlet pipe.

2. The oil pump passes the fuel through the orifice of the pressure relief valve into the lubrication and cooling circuit of the high pressure oil pump. The camshaft moves the plungers of the three pumps up and down in accordance with the shape of the cam.

3. The oil supply pressure exceeds the opening pressure of the pressure relief valve. The oil pump can make the fuel enter the plunger chamber through the high pressure oil pump inlet valve, and the plunger of the high pressure oil pump moves forward (suction stroke). When the plunger passes through the cloth At the end of the stop, the inlet valve closes.

4. At the common rail pressure, the compressed fuel enters the high pressure cycle (oil circuit). The plunger continues to supply fuel until the top dead center (oil supply stroke) is reached, the pressure is reduced, causing the oil discharge valve to close, the fuel pressure still in the plunger chamber is also lowered, and the plunger (pump plug) is lowered again. motion.

5. As soon as the pressure in the plunger chamber drops below the supply pressure of the fuel supply pump, the inlet valve opens again and the pumping process begins again.

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The composition of the high pressure oil pump:

The high-pressure oil pump integrates a low-pressure gear type oil pump, three high-pressure oil pump oil assemblies with oil pump plungers, and a fuel quantity control valve.

The function of high pressure oil pump:

1. Improve fuel pressure High-pressure injection achieves atomization effect. The main purpose of high-pressure oil pump is as the power source for hydraulic devices such as jacks, hoes, extruders, and tying machines.

2. The interface between the high pressure oil circuit and the low pressure oil circuit, its function is to generate fuel pressure in the common rail by controlling the fuel output. Under all conditions, it is primarily responsible for providing sufficient high pressure fuel to the common rail.


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