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What should be paid attention to when installing fuel pipe?

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Choose a suitable fuel pipe, and have a certain understanding of relevant knowledge, then you can choose to install it by yourself, but beware of danger!

How to choose the right fuel pipe?

Install fuel pipe

Points to note during installation

1、How to choose the right fuel pipe?

The fuel pipe of a car usually also plays a very important role. The gasoline passes through it so that the gasoline can enter  the fuel pump from the gasoline tank, and from there, the fuel  can be injected into the combustion chamber of the engine through fuel injection or carburetor. It is usually made of rubber, metalor plastic.

If you don’t know how to choose the right length of fuel pipe, then the size of the fuel pump can provide you with a reference, because the role of the fuel pump is to provide enough fuel to optimize engine performance. However, when using an externalfuel pump, if the pipeline is too small, it will not meet your needs, so you can select the pipeline size that suits you according to the length of the fuel pump.





350 hp以下












 fuel pipe

2、Install fuel pipe

Because the problem of the pipe is likely to be instantaneous, coupled with the expensive cost of the repair shop, I believe that many people prefer automatic maintenance.That is mainly these four steps:

Tools needed to replace the fuel hose: First, you need to prepare the tools involved, including screwdrivers, pliers, jacks, andother parts. Because this work is a prerequisite for safe progress in the following, some protections should be taken measures.

Prepare the updated fuel pipe: In this step, you must do your homework, buy it that suits you, and then read the relevant maintenance instructions carefully to be fully prepared.

Remove the old fuel hose: find the car's fuel pipe and fuel filter-release the pressure in the fuel system-find the car's fuse box-disconnect and isolate the negative terminal of the car battery-remove the old fuel hose tube.

Connect the new fuel hose: Place the new hose clamp on the new fuel pipe, but do not loosen it temporarily. After ensuring that the tubing is in place, the hardware will face you for  easy tightening of the clamp.

Finally, you must connect the negative terminal on the car battery, and then pressurize the fuel system by putting the fuel pump fuse in the car fuse box back in place. Next, start the engine. It may take a few seconds for the fuel to flow through the system again to check whether the car can operate normally,if possible, congratulations, the repair is successful, if there is a problem, then find a professional to repair it.

3、Points to note during installation

①Be sure to follow the safety instructions and take precautions in advance.

②Do not use flexible fuel hoses to replace long-distance hard wires. Choose the appropriate fuel pipe.

③Do not use braided stainless steel tubing, because most of these material hoses cannot meet the penetration standard.

④If a leak is found, do not start the equipment or cause serious personal injury.

Although it seems that the process of installing the fuel pipe is not complicated at all, there are many potential hazards in the process. Whether it is damaged parts or fuel leaks, I believe we don't want to see them, so read the relevant instructions carefully, take protective measures, and be careful.


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