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What kind of raw material is used in the production of silicone hoses so that it is not easy to smell?

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What kind of raw material is used in the production of silicone hoses so that it is not easy to smell?

Silicone Hose for Peristaltic Pumps

Everyone knows that silicone hoses play a very important role in transportation, daily life, medical treatment, machinery, aviation and other industries. Silicone tubings in each industry have their own characteristics and advantages, but sometimes they are used there will be a taste in it, what is going on?

First of all, it is normal for the silicone tubing to have a smell, but for the silicone tube in some fields, it cannot be smelly, so what kind of raw materials should be used for this kind of silicone tube that cannot smell, so as to ensure the quality of the production Is the silicone hose odorless?

1. It is easier to use EPDM, but it must be genuine glue, preferably metallocene glue, with an ENB content of around 9.

2. The choice of compounding agent is the key to success. What needs to be paid attention to is carbon black, which is generally ignored. Low-quality carbon black has too many residual biological macromolecular hydrogen compounds, which is definitely not good for the taste. A good news.

3. For the vulcanized rubber management system, the amount of vulcanization accelerator used is not long enough, and it is best to grow sulfur at low temperature. The level of chemical cross-linking must allow the promotion system to fully reflect. Some odorous vulcanization accelerators cannot be used, but /STT/D can be used together, and white vaseline can be used as a softener, which has a lesser smell.

4. It is advisable to use secondary vulcanized rubber. Whether it is a sulfur powder vulcanized rubber system or a chloroprene system, secondary vulcanized rubber is good for removing odor.


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