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What is Hydraulic fittings?

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What is Hydraulic fittings?

Hydraulic fittings connect such as rubber hoses in a hydraulic system, including a threaded plug and housing having a threaded bore. The housing has a bevelled portion for mating engagement with a correspondingly bevelled surface on the threaded plug. Disposed within a groove upon the threaded plug is an elastomeric annular 0"-ring seal. Upon pressurization of the hydraulic system, the threaded plug tends to move axially with respect to the threaded bore to create a gap between the respective bevelled surfaces of the housing and the plug, into which gap the elastomeric seal ring tends to extrude. For any given amount of axial movement of the threaded plug under pressure, the gap between the respective bevelled surfaces will be appreciably less with a consequent reduction in the tendency and extent of seal ring extrusion thereinto.

Most prior art plug-type fittings are fabricated with a right angle flange which seats against a machined surface of a housing containing a threaded bore for mating engagement with the threads of the plug. These prior art systems often utilize elastomeric O"-rings for sealing, and such rings are generally disposed within an annular groove or thread relief formed near the flange of the plug. When such threaded plugs having right angle flanges are tightened to standard torque values and are exposed to high pressure fluids within the system, such plugs tend to move axially with respect to the housing to an extent dependent upon the degree of tightening and upon the pressure applied. The gap created between the right angle flange of the plug and the housing presents an area into which the elastomeric O"-ring tends to extrude due to passage of high pressure fluid around the threads. When this occurs, and when hydraulic pressure applied is subsequently reduced, the "ring is often severely damaged by the gradual pinching effect caused by the repetitive opening and closing of the gap.

Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd manufacture a wide range of hydraulic fittings, as well as tube fittings and adapters, in both zinc-nickel coated carbon steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Hydraulic fittings produced by our company are compatible with industry-recognized EN, ISO and SAE-type hoses for constructions that include braided, spiral, textile, PTFE, and thermoplastic versions. The range of fittings comes in a variety of configurations, such as male and female JIC 37° and BSP 60°, DKO in L and S, 3,000 and 6,000-psi flanges, and connections for high-pressure cleaners.

Standards Rubber hydraulic fittings are designed for excellent temperature and corrosion resistance combined with high performance under adverse environmental conditions and high loads. For instance, they're suited for use in conditions with high salt levels or acids, or near weld seams. They're especially recommended for long service life in demanding operations, such as in wind-energy systems, chemical- and paper-processing plants, ships and drilling platforms, and diving robots.

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