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What does a fuel pipe do?

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I believe everyone is familiar with the fuel pipe, even if you haven’t seen it before, but you can more or less imagine what it looks like. The black pipes are connected to different connectors. But it may not be understood in depth, so let's learn more about the fuel pipe. So that when your car needs it, you can already know some basic information.

The location of the fuel pipe

What is the function of the fuel pipe?

1. The location of the fuel pipe

The use of fuel pipes is quite extensive, depending on the model, the location will be different. They are usually installed on racks, engines and other units. As an example. Generally, there are three fuel pipes in an electronic control engine, which respectively play different roles. The first is a fuel supply pipe that delivers oil to the fuel rail, one is a return pipe that returns excess oil to the fuel tank, and another The root is to transport out the volatilized oil vapor in the fuel tank. Among the three with oil pressure regulator is the return pipe, and the one without the oil supply pipe. Of course, as I said before, the location of each car may be different, and the name may be different, so the specifics should be based on the instructions or consult a professional.

fuel pipe

2. What is the function of the fuel pipe?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines fuel pipes as "all hoses or pipes designed to contain liquid fuel or fuel vapor." It is usually made of reinforced rubber and reinforced with multiple layers to properly withstand the pressure generated by the vehicle's fuel system.

The main function of the fuel pipe is to transport and contain fuel or oil vapor. Secondly, the required conditions for the fuel pipe are relatively harsh. Because the fuel line must be able to withstand the high temperature caused by the continuous vibration generated by the engine and the road. And stay away from some parts that are afraid of high temperatures to avoid excessive heat and steam blockage. This is why it is best to use fuel hoses made of synthetic rubber. The flexible hose can not only absorb movement without breaking, thereby avoiding the risk of leakage, but also facilitate high-temperature treatment to ensure continuous and effective maintenance of working conditions. Of course, I haven't finished all its functions here, but just introduced a part.

The various positions of the fuel pipe show that it has a wide range of uses, and the functions are different. It also has the characteristics of lightness, simplicity, variety of models, and quick installation. It does play an indispensable role in many of our daily cars. So we should still have a certain understanding of it.So we should still have a certain understanding of fuel pipe. So when you need it, you can be prepared and not panic.


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