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What are the causes of wear and tear of silicone tubings?

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What are the causes of wear and tear of silicone tubings?

silicone tubings

1. Lack of sulfur, the product is not cooked, and the local hardness is low. Causes: mold temperature is too low, vulcanization time is not enough, and the vulcanization system of the rubber compound does not match the vulcanization conditions.

2. Encapsulation, the part that does not require rubber on the skeleton is wrapped in rubber. Cause: Poor mold sealing.

3, stuffy, the product is linear depression. Cause: The number of exhausts is not enough or the mold design is poor, and the gas in the rubber compound cannot be eliminated.

4. Lack of glue, the shape of the product is incomplete, and the glue material is not completely filled with the cavity. Causes: Insufficient glue weighing, deviation of the glue, insufficient pressure, and poor flow performance of the glue.

5. Bubbles, bubble-like protrusions and small holes. Causes: Insufficient exhaust times or improper setting of vulcanization parameters, and mold temperature is too high.

6. Cracks, there are cracks on the surface of the product. Causes: excessive mold temperature, excessive spraying of mold release agent, improper mold release method, unreasonable mold design, and external force damage.

7. Deformation, product distortion, concave, convex. Cause: Improper mold clamping operation or product squeezed by external force

8. Sticky glue, the surface of the product is stuck with a separable rubber layer. Cause: Improper cleaning of the mold or mixing of vulcanized rubber fly skin during rubber mixing.

9. Scratches, scratches, grooves, depressions or cuts on the surface. Cause: Contact with foreign objects or improper operation.

10. Gap, the product is incomplete, and there is a concave section. Cause: Improper ejection method or damage by external force.

11. Shrink the edge, and the parting surface is cracked. Causes: The mold temperature is too high or the vulcanization pressure is insufficient, and the mold is deformed.

12. Poor bonding, the rubber material is separated from the skeleton and falls off. Causes: Incorrect adhesive, improper surface treatment of skeleton

13. Impurities, there are visible particles of different colors on the surface, such as foreign bodies, dirt, mimeograph, etc. Causes: Dirty rubber, dirty mold, contact with foreign objects or improper placement of products.

14. The insert moves, and the insert deviates from the specified position. Causes: Improper placement of the insert, too large gap between the positioning core and the insert.

15. Layering, the rubber part of the product cannot form a whole, showing the phenomenon of two layers of skin. Causes: The surface of the rubber is contaminated, the rubber with poor compatibility is unevenly mixed, and the rubber is frosted.

16. Wrong mold, product parting surface dislocation. Causes: Loose positioning pins, inaccurate mold clamping, and unreasonable molds.

17. The burr is too thick, and the extra material that does not belong to the product is thicker. Cause: Too much rubber material, too large gap between mold parting surface.

18. Sticking to the mold, the surface of the product is not smooth and flat, and there is a phenomenon of pulling. Cause: The mold temperature is too high, and the cavity is not cleaned in time after falling off.

19. Aging, the surface of the product is wrinkled and not smooth. Cause: The mold temperature is too high and the vulcanization time is too long.

20. The thickness is uneven, the surface is bumpy when touched by hand, and the thickness and size are different. Causes: poor mold manufacturing, uneven vulcanizing machine table.


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