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What are the causes of oil leakage in high pressure fuel pipe?

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How is the high pressure fuel pipe oil leakage caused? I will analyze it in detail for everyone today.

1. The tube bursts.

The reason for the bursting of the high pressure fuel pipe is generally that the fuel pipe manufacturer does not conduct the test before the assembly leaves the factory; at the very least, there is no root pressure test. It may be a test. This is not stopped in the industry norms. However, as a user's request, any leakage is intolerable. Therefore, before the products are shipped from the factory, it is necessary to test the products one by one according to the specifications. On the other hand, the pressure of the liquid formed by the user during the operation because of the thought or mechanical failure is too high, exceeding the pressure acceptable for the pipe body planning. It will also burst. For example, the dump truck is severely overloaded.

2. The pipe quick connector is leaking.

Pipe quick connectors are used more in the hydraulic system, and the share in the oil spill is also high, up to 30% to 40%. Most of the causes of oil leakage in pipe quick connectors are due to the fact that the processor has not processed according to the drawings and specifications. Such as thread hole processing size, processing accuracy is too poor, etc., the above situation, once the oil spill is difficult to completely cure, can only be filled with liquid sealant or Teflon tape. Other reasons for the problem with the fitting assembly may be leakage, such as bumping or scratching of the sealing portion during galvanizing or shipping.

On the other hand, because of the cost reasons; market competition to form quick connector manufacturers is not profitable. According to the national standard pipe quick connectors and quick connector body requirements 45 steel. The buckle cover is made of 20 gauge steel. However, it is limited to the buyer's low price, and the producer is reluctant to lose customers. Therefore, the steel selected for the quick connector is not standardized; the formed fuel pipe exhibits leakage after a period of use.

IMG_20181127_155740 拷贝

3. The pipe body is improperly selected.

The hydraulic system should use different pipes due to different working conditions. Hydraulic fuel pipes are now primarily divided into rubber fuel pipes and hydraulic resin tubes. The resin tube is a new product. It has been proven in various ways that the resinization of the fuel pipe is sufficient to flash the strengths of the product. However, some of the resin tubes have a large meandering radius. Resilience is not good. Other high pressure fuel pipes are classified into oil-resistant, temperature-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, which requires planners to select suitable pipes.

4. Reasons for deduction.

Now, the products produced by the manufacturers of fuel pipe crimping machines in China. Compared with foreign countries, there are shortcomings such as lack of automation, low precision, low production power and poor stability. In particular, the manual control of the domestic crimping machine makes it easier to form a leak in the fuel pipe quick connector. But this is not easy to change during a defensive period. This requires the manufacturer to pay attention to the training and requirements of the crimping technicians.

5. Test the reason.

The fuel pipe is leaking and the fuel pipe is not tested. Sometimes it has been tested. However, due to the difference in the working environment between the test equipment and the fuel pipe, an unexplained failure may also occur. For example: the pressure on the press is slow, and the pulse force is not good. The hydraulic system of work is very different. Then the pressure-measuring personnel are not strong in their sense of responsibility and are uneasy to test.

6. Device reasons.

Improper fuel pipe assembly and equipment assembly is another primary cause of leakage. Regardless of the assembly method, the tightening force is not required to be severe.

The above is the reason why the high pressure fuel pipe manufacturer Xiaobian introduced the high pressure fuel pipe leakage, I hope to help everyone.


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