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What are the advantages of using anti-static silicone tubings in factories?

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What are the advantages of using anti-static silicone tubings in factories?

Silicone Peristaltic Pump Tubing

What are the advantages of using anti-static silicone tubes in factories? First of all, the anti-static silicone tubing can reduce the problem of hose blockage caused by static electricity, reduce product loss and job loss, not only prevent various failures of electronic machinery caused by static electricity, but also prevent material blockage in the hose and foreign matter mixed in when coloring etc., greatly reducing the loss of products.

Secondly, to achieve a comfortable and safe working environment, it can strictly prevent fall accidents and secondary accidents caused by static electricity, etc., and realize a comfortable and safe working environment.

In addition, it is easy to install and has a long-lasting effect: the special grounding clip is connected to the conductive wire on the outer surface of the hose, which can avoid tedious stripping work and shorten the working time. Not only does the hose contain an antistatic agent, but by connecting the conductive wire of the housing to the grounding clip, the antistatic effect lasts for a long time. The rubber hose is a pressure-feeding hose made of soft PVC, an anti-static rubber hose for vacuum transportation.

In short, the anti-static silicone hose can prevent the adhesion and blockage in the tube caused by the static electricity leakage in the rubber tube, and can realize stable transportation. It is most suitable for transporting powder and granular powder particles other than food and pharmaceuticals.


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