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The original high pressure silicone tubing has such advantages

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The original high pressure silicone tubing has such advantages

high pressure silicone hose

High pressure resistant silicone tubing is made of professional high temperature and high pressure silicone raw material, mainly used for high temperature and high pressure and other special environments. Therefore, the silicone tubing is famous for its high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance. The silicone tubing can also be customized according to the diameter, hardness, color, compressive strength, etc. according to different uses.

The high pressure resistant silicone tubing can meet the various needs of different working environments.The high-pressure resistance is 4 times that of ordinary silicone tubing, and it complies with various environmental food-grade certifications such as FDA, ROHS, SGS, and LFGB.

What are the advantages of high pressure silicone tubing?

1. It has high pressure resistance, high tear strength and excellent electrical properties;

2. The product is non-toxic, odorless, and will not turn yellow after long-term use;

3. Cold and high temperature resistance, continuous temperature resistance can reach -60℃~260℃;

4. High softness, good elasticity, no kink deformation;

5. High flame retardancy, ozone resistance and aging resistance;

6. High pressure resistance, ranging from 2.5MPa to 4.0MPa;

Application areas:

High pressure silicone tubng is mainly used in food machinery, household appliances (kettle, iron, rice cooker, fryer, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, pulp maker, bread maker, gas appliance, water heater, etc.), hygiene, medical equipment, electronic equipment, hardware, communication equipment, fashion gifts, instruments, meters, baby products, food and medical treatment, security and environmental protection, sports equipment, printing and machinery manufacturing and other industries


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