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Performance of Turbocharger Fuel Pipe

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In addition to large passenger cars and heavy trucks, turbocharger fuel pipes are rapidly developing in passenger cars. turbocharger engines have broad prospects because they consume less energy and generate more power. In 2012, turbocharger engines accounted for 30% of the world, and are expected to reach 43% by 2019, with a total of 49 million. In China, the proportion of turbocharger engines in 2012 was about 10%. In 2014, it increased to 23%, and it is expected to reach 40% in 2019. Our country started late, but it has grown rapidly. At present, major domestic joint venture vehicles and independent brand auto manufacturers are vigorously expanding this field. For example, the auto manufacturers supplied by our company use turbocharger systems on a variety of models. The range of applications includes 1.0T, 1.3T, 1.5T, 1.8T, 2.0T, 3.0T and other series.

Since the turbocharged engine exhaust turbocharger supercharging and recycling, produce higher gas temperature, and with a portion of oil and gas, so its application hose a higher resistance to heat and oil in requirements. At present, the hose compound used in the industry is made of silica gel, inner fluorine silicone outer silica gel, inner fluorine rubber outer silica gel and AEM. The cold end has silica gel, AEM, CR, ECO and so on.

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Turbocharger fuel pipes are used in automotive turbocharger systems, materials and structures, dimensions and fuel pipes for rubber fuel pipes (hereinafter referred to as turbocharger fuel pipes or fuel pipes) that connect turbochargers, intercooling systems and internal combustion engines. Tolerance, physical properties of the finished fuel pipe, test methods and frequency of inspection. The fuel pipe has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +250°C and a working pressure range of −0.01 MPa to 0.5 MPa.

The turbocharger fuel pipe shall be composed of a flexible polymer elastomer inner liner, a synthetic fabric or other material reinforcement layer laid by a suitable method, and a flexible polymer elastic outer coating layer.

The turbocharger fuel pipe can be a straight tube or a profiled tube. The outer surface can be smooth or corrugated, and can be reinforced with a metal ring at the necessary location. It can also be wrapped or adhered to the glass fiber with aluminum foil where necessary. The cloth is either an insulated or wear-resistant jacket of thermoplastic material.

The physical properties of the turbocharger fuel pipe specifies the heat aging, oil resistance, brittle temperature, and ozone resistance of the inner liner, overcladding and non-reinforced fuel pipes of the three types of fuel pipes.

The finished fuel pipe section specifies appearance, vacuum resistance, verification pressure, minimum burst pressure, adhesion properties, fatigue resistance and low temperature flattening properties.


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