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Maintenance measures need to be taken in real life applications of silicone hoses

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Maintenance measures need to be taken in real life applications of silicone hoses

water dispenser silicone hose

Silicone hoses have been used in our real life for a long time, and maintenance measures are necessary to do well; then what should we do in real life to better protect it? Then there are many aspects of use in life; most It is used for water dispenser, air conditioner connecting pipe, some kitchen utensils.. and so on. It is also very simple to do these maintenance measures well. The main thing is to clean them from time to time. You can take them out for further cleaning.

Generally, the pipes of the water dispenser have some seriously damaged parts inside. Why is this happening? The reason is this, because when the water dispenser is used in real life, we need to drink hot water, then the boiled water will flow in and out through the silicone tube. , and especially the part where it is connected, it is necessary to constantly check whether the high temperature has caused them to deform. On the other hand, the same situation will also occur, one side is hot water and the other is cold water; due to the different designs of some water dispensers, the directions of the hot and cold pipes may also be close to each other, which will directly cause the pipes. It has a great impact, for example, the hot water is not hot, and the cold water will appear lukewarm.

Matters needing attention when maintaining silicone hose

  1. Everyone knows that the silicone hose has not been replaced in use. Most of the good quality silicone can be used for many years. If it is damaged, there will be more manual damage. Therefore, pay attention to some details during maintenance and take it out. The water dispenser or the tube in the air conditioner should be taken lightly. This kind of tube is relatively thin and should not be torn too hard.

  2. Cleaning liquid is very important. Do internal and external cleaning in the entire cleaning and maintenance process. However, for the necessary supplies in life such as air conditioner water dispenser, we generally do not recommend using cleaning liquid. In order to avoid using cleaning liquid in the future Smell, so it is best not to use too much cleaning solution to clean the silicone tube.


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