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Introduction of food grade silicone hose

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The food grade silicone hose is made of imported silicone raw materials, using scientific production technology, using batch method to produce glue, high tear resistance and high transparency for gas phase glue, super high and low hardness of compound rubber, functional mixing silicone hose with characteristics such as glue, this product has a wide range of adaptability. Compared with the traditional double two-four vulcanization process, the silicone hose and the silicone profile have the advantages of high transparency, odorlessness, no yellowing, no blooming, and the like, especially solving the problem of black rubber hose blooming and blue product fading.

The food grade silicone hose is a high quality transparent food grade silicone hose with added transparency and high transparency. It can withstand high temperature up to 250 °C and can not be heated in a sealed environment. Food grade silicone hose is made of high quality silicone (new imported food grade silicone raw material), which is processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. The product is characterized by softness, high temperature resistance and stability. Today, a food grade silicone hose has gradually replaced food grade plastic hoses.

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Main feature

1. Food grade silicone hose is a kind of environmentally friendly silicone, non-toxic, odorless and highly transparent;

2. It is soft and elastic, and it is resistant to kink and deformation.

3. No cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance;

4. Has higher tear strength and superior electrical performance;

5. More suitable for making silicone hoses for food machinery;

6. Keep the yellow at room temperature, do not spray frost, do not spit white, do not fade, leave no water in the water for a long time, no odor.

Performance parameter

1, hardness: 45 ° ~ 80 °;

2. Elongation rate: 500~700%;

3, commonly used colors: transparent, white, black, red, green, blue, gray.

The main purpose

1. Medical equipment connecting pipes, pipes, etc.;

2. Baby bottle straws, catheters, etc.;

3. Electrical equipment and other casings, profiles;

4. Pipe products for food use;

5. Connecting pipe for food machinery;

6. Water dispensers, coffee pots, connecting hoses for children's suction cups, catheters, etc.


Mainly used in food mold, chocolate mold, candy mold, precision casting, and carbon fiber composite materials, food cake mold, craft ceramics, printing, human organ cloning, household appliances, lighting products, silicone ice tray, silicone nipple.

Method of operation

1. Take A and B according to the standard mixing evenly, then put it into the vacuum machine to evacuate and discharge the foam. The general operation time is about 10-15 minutes.

2. After casting, heat to 60 °C for 2-3 hours, cool, solidify and form. If the temperature is 120 °C, it only takes more than 10 minutes to form.

3. Before use, please take a small amount of experiment to master the operation skills and avoid waste.


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