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Introduction of Automobile Fuel Line Quick Connector

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Automotive fuel lines are a type of device used to transport fluids such as gasoline and fuel, which are commonly used for tube-to-tube connections. The traditional connector connection method usually uses a variety of self-locking buckles to connect. Since there is no installation limit point, the self-locking buckle is easy to be reversed during installation; some are generally bolted, during assembly. Therefore, the installation space is high, and the assembly is difficult. In addition, in the existing quick connector technology, especially the quick connector of the nylon oil pipeline which is connected to the cedar shape, the tight ferrule is tightened and the wire is tightly connected. The locking method causes difficulties in loading and unloading, inconvenient installation, etc. In summary, at present, the locking method and the structure of the quick connector still have problems such as inconvenient installation, low efficiency, low sealing and firmness.

IMG_20180604_102736 拷贝

In order to overcome the defects of inconvenient installation and easy installation of the existing quick connector, STANDARDS provides a split type automobile fuel line quick connector which is convenient to install, reliable in locking, reasonable in structure and low in cost.

A split type automobile fuel line quick connector, comprising a male connector and a female connector, has the following beneficial effects: the locking reliability is better than the quick connector of the existing fuel line; the split connector structure of the female connector can not only save the self-locking The buckle device prevents the lock from being in place, and the split-type female connector has a 180° retaining ring in the upper cover body, and the inner end of the retaining ring just catches the male connector boss, and the outer end is just right. It is in contact with the boss on the inner side of the male connector to ensure that the male connector is just in place; in addition, a rectangular groove is formed in the lower portion of the lower cover body, a U-shaped card lock is arranged in the rectangular groove, and a 180° lock support is arranged in the U-shaped card lock. The surface is 360° with the upper cover ring to lock the male connector; during the insertion of the male connector into the female connector, the upper cover of the split female connector can be rotated around the rotation axis by a certain angle, and the upper cover is opened. Insert the male connector into the female connector until it is fully inserted. At this time, the upper cover is closed and fastened by the double latch, so that the male connector is fixed in the locked position without being deflected and disconnected due to vibration. And other issues. The double locking buckle refers to that after the upper cover body and the lower cover body are combined, the first locking structure is firstly locked, and the first locking structure has a second locking structure when splitting. When the upper cover of the female connector and the second buckle of the lower cover are fully engaged, the upper cover and the lower cover are completely locked. The split type automobile fuel line quick connector has the advantages of simple structure, convenient loading and unloading, high efficiency, and at the same time, the locking reliability and the sealing property are greatly improved.


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