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How to repair the fuel pipe assembly of the automotive?

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The automotive fuel pipe assembly maintenance methods are as follows:

1. When disassembling the fuel pipe quick connectors, double wrenches must be used to avoid damage and loosening the connection of other parts.

2. Use a pump or compressed air to blow off the dirt inside the fuel tube.

3. It is usually possible to check the fuel pipe by the blowing method. If the blockage occurs, the blowing cannot be unblocked and should be unblocked. When one end of the fuel pipe is blocked and the other end is blown, if there is air leakage indicating that it is leaking, the leaking part should be found for repair.

4. If the fuel line has obvious depressions, bends and blisters or leaks, it should be calibrated and welded or replaced. For fuel line hose with sufficient length, it can be repaired by intercepting method, which will be concave or bent, blisters, etc. Cut off and re-weld before use.

5. If the copper tube is worn and formed into a concave shape, it can be filled with brazing.

6. When installing the fuel pipe, the fuel pipe shall not be sunken, wrinkled or sharply bent due to the length of the fuel pipe or the installation position.

7. During assembly, the fuel trnasfer pipe should also be inspected for contact friction. The installation should be properly adjusted and tightened when it is connected to the fuel pipe.

8. The clamps of each fuel injection line should be intact to prevent damage to the fuel tank pipe due to vibration or rubbing.

9. Do not loosen or leak after the quick connectors are installed. In case of emergency, do not cold bend the fuel pipe. Generally, as long as a part of the fuel injection line that needs to be bent is burned red, it can be bent. If the pipe is thick, in order to prevent the bent part from being sunken, a spring can be bent on the pipe jacket; or the pipe is filled with dry sand, and the two ends of the pipe are blocked, put into the forging furnace and burned red, then bend The sand is poured out and blown clean with compressed air.

10. When a section of the fuel line is wet or has a lot of wet dust, it often indicates that the fuel hose pipe is damaged and should be replaced. If necessary, it can be repaired by soldering.


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