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How to install food grade silicone lines correctly?

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How to install food grade silicone lines correctly?

food grade silicone lines

Do you know what to pay attention to when making food grade silicone tubing equipment? How to properly install the food grade silicone hose assembly? Friends who has used food-grade silicone hoses will know that method is very important for this equipment. A little carelessness or method is incorrect, which can shorten the service life of the hose, or pose a safety hazard. The following are some of the experiences I have learned and used for reference. The correct method for install equipment for food-grade silicone hose is very important. I have six specific situations:

1. When install food-grade silicone tube, do not let the food-grade silicone tubing distort, otherwise it will damage the food-grade silicone hose when pressure is received, or the connection may be slack.

2. When the bending radius of the food-grade silicone tubing is too small, you should pay attention to it. A more reasonable choice is to choose a 90 degree silicone elbow to prevent the food-grade silicone hose from being bent sharply.

3. When the food-grade silicone hose is pressurized, the length of the food-grade silicone hose will change. If the length of the steel wire layer inside the food-grade silicone tubing turn large, the length of the compressed food-grade silicone hose will become shorter. On the contrary, if the length of steel wire layer turn small, the length of the food-grade silicone hose will become longer. Generally, the product is somewhat wrong, so it is inevitable to shorten it or elongate it. If there is a bending place behind equipment of the food-grade silicone tubing, no fix any equipment of fixing where have bending of the food-grade silicone hose. The food-grade silicone hose should be moved freely.

4, In order to avoid damage to the food grade silicone hose and flow restriction, the bending radius of the food grade silicone hose should be increased as much as possible.

5. When equipment food-grade silicone tube, remember not to misinterpret the food-grade silicone tube, otherwise it will easily damage the food-grade silicone tube or loosen the crimping joint when it is under pressure.

6. A certain amount of space should be reserved for the food-grade silicone tube between the equipment and objects to prevent the food-grade silicone tube from colliding with the object during operation. If it cannot be avoided, try to take some protective measures, such as using a food-grade silicone tube sheath, Protective spring etc...


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