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How to check fuel pipe quick connector?

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When an abnormality occurs, you have to pay attention, and it is more likely that it is time to check the fuel pipe quick connector, so how to check it?

What are the symptoms of a broken  connector?

Check and install connector

The function of fuel pipe quick connector

1、What are the symptoms of a broken connector?

Fuel smell: One symptom of a damaged fuel hose connector is the smell of gasoline from the vehicle. Over time, fuel hose joints may become loose, damaged and leaking. Smaller leaks can cause the vehicle to emit fuel vapor, which may cause a noticeable smell. At this time, attention should be drawn, and quickly check where the problem is.

Fuel leakage: Another symptom of damaged or malfunctioning fuel hose joints is visible fuel leakage. If any hose joint is damaged enough, fuel will leak. The leaked fuel will drip or, in more serious cases, will collect under the vehicle, causing greater danger. At the same time, the leaking fuel line will also cause the fuel pressure to slowly drop, which may damage the operation of the fuel system, which may cause the engine to misfire and stall.

fuel pipe quick connectors

2、Check and install connector

If the above situation occurs, please check and replace the fuel pipe or fuel pipe quick connector fittings immediately. If the fuel rail, fuel supply pipe, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel gauge sending unit and other components are not damaged, it is likely that there is a problem with the connector.

Then first check the contact area (A) of the pipe (B) for dirt and damage, and clean it if necessary. If it is damaged, replace it. Before connecting the new quick coupling device (A), remove the old retainer (B) from the mating tube. Then align the quick-connect fittings with the pipe (A), and align the lock claws of the holder (B) with the groove of the connector (C). Then press the connector fitting onto the pipe until the two fixed claws are clicked and locked. Indicates that it is installed. A final check must alsobe made, including whether the connection is secure, whether thelock is in place; visually check, and pull the connector. Then turn on the ignition switch. The fuel pump will run for about 2 seconds and the fuel pressure will increase. Repeat 2 or 3 times and check if there is no leakage in the fuel supply system. If there is nothing abnormal, the replacement is successful. Note: If it is difficult to connect, put a small amount of new engine oil at the endof the pipe. If anything else happens, please contact a professional.

3、The function of fuel pipe quick connector

Connection function: The most important function is to play a connection role, helping related components to complete mobile operations and other purposes.

Exchange function: connection function: fixed parts for fishing rods, compact compact discs, connection for mobile operations and purposes other than fluid transportation.

Exchange function: exchange of air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and metal mold-related machinery accessories.

Maintenance function: It can perform certain maintenance on the cooling device of the computer and the oil cylinder of the die-casting machine.

Test function: test of vacuum, pressure resistance, leakage, operation, etc.

Conveying function: conveying, handling and conducting functions of solids such as bolts and nuts.

Carefully check the working condition of the fuel pipe quick connector to ensure the stable function of the quick connection. So if you need it, please contact us.


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