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How much do you know about the major types of silicone hoses?

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How much do you know about the major types of silicone hoses?

If you search for “silicone hose”in google, you can easily find hundreds of different types. These silicone hoses may be produced by different process, or have different shapes and applications. In fact, with the development of production technology, there are far more types of silicone hoses than the earliest. Now we can divide these silicone hoses into there major categories according to their purpose. They are industrial silicone hose, food grade silicone hose and special silicone hose.

Silicone products have developed rapidly in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 35%, which shows that silicone product is a booming industry. At the beginning period, people thought that silica gel might be harmful to the human body. After years of practice, silicone hose is proved to be safe and stable. As a new type of synthetic polymer material, it is widely used in machinery, automotive, electronic, daily use and other fields.

These three types of silicone hoses account for more than 85% of the market share. So far, as process development has become more and more mature, there is a great demand for silicone hoses in different industries and enterprises.

DSC01152 拷贝

1. Industrial silicone hose: We often call it an ordinary silicone rubber hose. The reason why we call it an ordinary silicone rubber hose is because the silica gel adopts the precipitation method in the production process, and the ordinary silicone hose is made of silica gel at the bottom. Its performance still inherits the characteristics of traditional silica gel. Various industries have different requirements for product quality, so manufacturers can meet the requirements of most people. It is easy to identify industry silicone hose from others, because it is not very transparent. Most of them will have obvious whitening, but from industrial point of view, these are acceptable. They are practical, affordable, not easy to be yellow and widely used in machinery, industry, construction and other industries. 

IMG_20180728_100651 拷贝

2. Food/medical silicone hose: The quality of this type of silicone hose is relatively good. We can find it in our daily life, medical equipment, and some small household appliances. It has a high degree of transparency, safety and stability. Some can even be directly or indirectly implanted in the human body through bio-compatibility. "Food/medical silicone hose will not turn white during the stretching process and can maintain the original transparency. In the development of silicone, it has a very important influence and is currently the most representative product of silicon hose. Almost Everyone in the family uses it, but many people don't know it. The food/medical silicone hose can be hidden on the baby's milk bottle or on the small appliances.

钢丝+4层增强 拷贝_副本

3. Special silicone hose: There are many kinds of silicone hoses, most of which have their unique advantages, such as: high temperature resistant silicone hose (high temperature resistant 300°), flame retardant silicone hose (94-V0 level), conductive hose (resistance 0), etc. . 02≤0004) and so on. These special types of silicone hoses play an important role in certain industries, and they also show the toughness and diversity of silicone. Various additives are used in the production process of silica gel, so that it can amplify a certain characteristic to meet the requirements of users.

So far, the development of silicone hose is inseparable from all silicone products. We continue to push silicone hose to a new height and new field, so that more people can realize the importance of silicone hose. Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co. Ltd is a silicone hose manufacturer integrating production, research and development. We firmly believe that with the unremitting struggle of all of us, silicone hose will usher in a bright tomorrow.


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