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How long do fuel lines last?

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If you smell gasoline, or the car can't start waiting for some abnormal things to happen, then it is very likely that the car is reminding you that the fuel line should be changed. How long is thefuel line used?

What is the life of the fuel line?

What factors affect the fuel line?

Friendly reminder

1、What is the life of the fuel line?

The normal operation of a car is the result of many components working together normally. In order to keep the fuel system functioning normally, the fuel line plays a very important role, but as the degree of use is more, its replacement frequency must be higher, so what is the life of the fuel line?

The life of these hoses depends on the material of manufacture and ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 miles. The metal fuel line is more susceptible to the influence of the engine, and the rubber hose is relatively much better. But this also requires us to spend as much time as possible to minimize the possibility of hose problems.

fuel line

2、What factors affect the fuel line?

Like other products, hose assemblies have a very limited service life. The main factors affecting its actual life are the following.

Working pressure: The pressure value brought by the workplace where the fuel line is located, because almost all hydraulic systems generate pressure, which may exceed the fluctuation of the safety valve setting. Therefore, the impact pressure that brings the maximum working pressure will shorten the life of the hose. The greater the pressure, the greater the damage, the less the pressure, and the less damage.

High pressure: If you have been in a high pressure gas system, especially if it exceeds 250psi, the situation will become very dangerous, and it should be fully protected from external impact and mechanical or chemical damage. They should also be properly protected to prevent whipping in the event of a malfunction.

Working temperature: Usually the prescribed working temperature refers to the highest temperature of the fluid or gas being transported. Because high temperature conditions may adversely affect the hose due to rubber degradation, the maximum temperature of each hose is not suitable for all fluids or gases. Continuous use at the highest temperature and pressure should always be avoided. Otherwise, the physical properties of most hoses will be reduced. This deterioration will shorten the service life of the hose.

Bending radius: The recommended minimum bending radius is based on the maximum working pressure without bending the hose. When the bending radius decreases below the recommended minimum value, the safe operating pressure will decrease. Bending the hose to less than the specified minimum bend radius will shorten hose life.

3、Friendly reminder

If there is a puddle under the car, the gasoline has a strong smell, the car is difficult to start or the car cannot start at all, this may be a problem with the fuel line of the car, then you need to pay attention to it. You may need to check and replace the fuel. Got it.

Fuel lines of different materials, coupled with the influence  of various external factors, will lead to completely different service life. So remember to check and replace it regularly.


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