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Corrugated silicone hose for automotive and preparation method thereof

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As the automotive industry is increasingly demanding automotive comfort and light weight, its performance as a hose product is gradually increasing. The corrugated silicone hose used in the air inlet and outlet of the automotive intercooler not only has excellent high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, but also has excellent cushioning performance.

At present, the corrugated silicone hose used in the automotive is generally produced by a winding process, and the product produced by the winding process has the disadvantages of heavy weight, poor cushioning comfort performance, and the appearance is not beautiful.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the technical scheme of the corrugated silicone hose for automotives is:

55 拷贝

A corrugated silicone hose for an automotive, comprising a hose body, the hose wall of the hose body comprising a reinforcing layer, wherein the inner side and the outer side of the reinforcing layer are respectively provided with an inner silicone layer and an outer silicone layer; the two ends of the hose body are respectively inner surfaces And a smooth hose portion having a smooth circumferential surface on the outer surface, the hose body being located between the two smooth hose portions, the bellows portion having a corrugated shape on the inner surface and the outer surface.

As a preferred technical solution, the reinforcing layer is an aramid cloth layer or a polyester cloth layer.

As a modification of the above technical solution, the curvature of the convex portion of the corrugated projection of the bellows portion is larger than the curvature of the concave portion.

As a further improvement of the above technical solution, a reinforcing ring is provided at the groove of the outer surface of the bellows portion.

The preparation method of corrugated silicone hose for automotive includes the following process steps:

56 拷贝

(1) calendering the silicone into a film of a certain thickness; and affixing the reinforcing layer to both sides of the film to form a double-sided adhesive tape, and cutting into a prescribed size;

(2) the double-sided adhesive tape is wound on a reel machine by a reel core mold into a silicone cylinder, and then the silicone cylinder is sleeved on the forming core mold and formed on a vacuum forming machine;

(3) The formed silicone hose is placed in a drying tunnel or an oven for vulcanization, and after completion of the vulcanization, the finished product is obtained.

The corrugated silicone hose for automotive is remolded by the first reel, and the core mold can be used to form a plurality of products at one time, which not only improves the production efficiency but also reduces the labor production cost compared with the conventional winding process; the vulcanization process of the reel forming product Stable, formula controllable, can greatly improve the cushioning performance of the bellows, easy to reduce the proportion of products, improve the comfort of the vehicle, and achieve lightweight vehicle.


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