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Can the yellowed silicone tube still be used?

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Can the yellowed silicone tube still be used?

silicone coolant hose

Why does the transparent and bright silicone tube that I bought will slowly turn yellow after being used for a period of time? Can you continue to use it if it turns yellow? This is a problem that everyone often encounters in daily life. The yellowing of the silicone tube has a serious impact After the product's beauty and usage, why does it turn yellow? The professional silicone tube manufacturer tells you the reasons as follows:

1. Excessive amount of platinum-catalyst or unqualified platinum-catalyst.

2. Silicone rubber has too much hydroxyl content and high temperature aging.

3. Silicone rubber contains foreign matter such as xylene.

4. There is sulfur or sulfur carrier in the environment.

5. Process: The mold temperature is too high and the curing time is too long.

6. In terms of vulcanizing agent: general vulcanizing agent is used in some non-exposed silicone products with darker color or low color requirements; anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent is used in applications that require exposure, lighter and brighter colors, and higher color requirements product. Silicone tube can not be added too much internal mold release agent and zinc stearate. If the iron content is too high, it will also cause yellowing.

It can be seen that whether the silicone tube will turn yellow in subsequent use depends on whether the manufacturer’s operation is correct at the time of production of the product. Of course, the yellow tube depends on whether the product usage and requirements meet the requirements of continuous use or replacement. Therefore, to produce high-quality silicone tubes, professional and qualified manufacturers must be able to ensure the quality of the products.

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