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Are you choosing the right silicone hose material?

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People say that people rely on clothes and horses to lean on their saddles, so they also have the same meaning in the silicone industry. Different functions use different materials to achieve its functions, such as different color combinations and different hardness. The choices need to be carefully selected to achieve, so this problem has led to many designers making mistakes, I do not know how to choose, but for silicone hose manufacturers, different combinations and materials have different differences.

IMG_20180701_170410 拷贝

How to choose different performance materials, you choose the silicone hose material?

For the appearance, the silicone hose products can be divided into structural shapes and product colors. The structure of the silicone hose products is limited. Many hollow and inner groove materials can not achieve the effect or can not be done, but slightly changed. After the structure, the purpose can be achieved, so it can also do most of the structural shape, and the color can be arbitrarily selected.

How to choose different functional materials, you choose the silicone hose material?

For functional choices, products with different functions have different material selection methods.

DSC00599 拷贝

1. The difference in material characteristics is common in this category. Different silicone products have different material characteristics and different test items. Therefore, it is necessary to select raw materials with different characteristics to distinguish them. The general industrial grade can achieve the adaptation effect, food grade. The effect needs to achieve various strict checks such as ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc. The material is better, and the medical grade needs to be more advanced testing and to achieve more advanced functions.

2. The material is different, for the material, silicone rubber products can be made with different functional tests, such as the process of processing in the production process due to structural problems need to be forced to reduce the hardness of the mold can be demolded, due to the use of The support strength is not up to standard, and it is necessary to improve the hardness of the silicone rubber product to meet the requirements of use and the like. Therefore, the material should be fully prepared for the tensile force and hardness test.

3. Special requirements for modulating materials. Some products need to be used in designated fields or positions. Therefore, they need to meet special requirements during product use, such as high hardness modulation, high transparent properties, and electrical, flame retardant, and high resistance. Pulling and other special needs all need to start with materials and crafts.


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