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Application of Automobile High Pressure Fuel Pipe

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The high pressure fuel pipe of the car has multiple parts, which are summarized as follows: steering system, brake braking system, and air conditioning system. Each system requires good quality, can withstand a certain high pressure strength, anti-corrosion and other characteristics.


1. The high pressure fuel pipe consists of a wire-wound skeleton layer, internal and external oil-resistant rubber, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber, weather-resistant special rubber, and special metal materials.

2. In addition to its own characteristics, it also has higher requirements for liquid (oil) fluids in the pipeline. Otherwise, the transmission of "energy" will also be "destroyed once": if the boiling point of the oil is too low, the bubble generation will decrease. Braking effect, etc. Therefore, the oil should first meet certain viscosity standards, because the viscosity change of the oil is directly related to hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy; in addition, the viscosity-temperature performance and shear stability of the oil should be required to meet the various requirements of different applications. demand.

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High pressure fuel pipes are commonly used in: automobiles, excavators, loaders, rollovers, hydraulic boosters, hydraulic supports, hydraulic hoses for construction machinery, special-purpose vehicles, submarine gas transmission and oil transportation.

Automotive application

(1) Brake system

The brake system is mostly made of metal material. Because the metal has no elasticity, it will not expand at any time because the pressure of the liquid increases, which can fully guarantee the transmission of braking force. The main feature is: a kind of "medium" that uses liquid (oil) pressure to transmit the braking energy of the hydraulic system, which plays the role of energy transfer, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and cooling in the hydraulic system. Therefore, for this "high pressure" pipeline that transmits energy, the requirements are very strict. It is not a common ordinary material. It is now made of metal, but it is more often used in the brake disc (disc). Glue tubing is determined by the change in steering of the tire and the flexibility of the component to follow.

(2) Direction assisted high pressure pipe

More mechanical or electronic power-assisted systems are used. When the booster pump is working, the engine kinetic energy (mechanical) or independent drive motor drives (electronically) the hydraulic pressure in the electronic hydraulic pump to output in a high pressure state. The piston of the hydraulic system moves in a certain direction, thereby reducing the "manual" operating intensity and achieving the goal of "saving effort". For such a fuel pipe, it is also a special fuel pipe that requires various functions such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, and cooling.

(3) air conditioning high pressure pipe

The "liquid" of the air conditioning system flows, and the high pressure gas formed after gasification (atomization).

Unlike household air conditioners, both hot and cold need to be obtained through compressor work. The air conditioning design of the car requires compressor operation when cooling, and the hot air condition can be provided by the engine part. During cooling, the high-temperature and high pressure gas coming out of the compressor is cooled by the unique structure inside the condenser to form a liquid, and then flows through the throttle valve to reach the control pressure, adjust the pressure and then enter the evaporation tank. It can be seen that this high temperature and high pressure The gas (or liquid) flow needs to be able to withstand the high pressure of the pipeline, so the air conditioning high pressure pipe plays a very important role, more common in metal materials, but also special rubber pipelines, specifically due to the design of the model.


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