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What are the features of rubber fuel hoses?

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Rubber hoses are suitable for specific fluid, temperature and pressure ranges and are available in a variety of specifications. 



Here are the main points of the article:

  • What are the features of rubber hoses?

  • What are the differences between rubber hoses and steel ones?

  • What are the benefits of rubber hoses?


1.What are the features of rubber hoses?

The rubber hose is composed of at least three layers: seamless synthetic hose; one or more braided or spiraled layers of cotton, thread, or synthetic fibers; and a hood. The inner tube is designed to withstand the shock of the fluid passing through it. The braid or spiral layer determines the strength of the hose. The more layers, the higher the pressure level. Hoses have three pressure ranges: low, medium and high. The shell is designed to withstand external abuse and contains identification tags.

Rubber hose is widely used in pipeline and elbow conveying systems, as well as some natural flexible system. Its special properties also make it suitable for systems where materials may be brittle, abrasive, or viscous. Its natural flexibility makes it ideal for vacuum unloading applications, mobile delivery systems, and connecting pipe sections in cases where standard pipe bends do not match the desired geometry.


2. What are the differences between rubber hoses and steel ones?

In extremely low speed dense phase flow, the resistance of rubber hose is slightly less than that of steel tube. However, at high speed dilute phase transport, the resistance of the rubber hose is 50% greater than that of the steel tube. It is believed that the increase of pressure drop is caused by the difference of the recovery coefficient between steel and rubber relative to the transported particles. Rubber absorbs the energy of a particle's impact, so the particle bounces back at a lower speed. The particles must then be reaccelerated back to their final velocity, which absorbs more energy as the velocity increases. The test results of barite cement and oil well cement are basically consistent. Therefore, it is recommended that from this, whenever possible, flexible rubber hoses should be used to start the entire pipeline as far as possible to reduce resistance and ensure that hoses are used at the low end.


3. What are the benefits of rubber hoses?

1.Erosive wear and particle degradation: In some cases, rubber hose has better corrosion resistance than steel tube. Although the hardness of surface materials is usually much lower than that of alternative metal surfaces, with the effect of surface particles, its corrosive wear resistance comes from the fact that it is able to absorb the energy due to the effect of toughness. By the same mechanism, the impact energy of brittle materials can be absorbed, which can significantly reduce the degradation of particles.

2. Pressure drop: Erosion and particle degradation are particularly serious in high speed dilute phase transport. Unfortunately, the pressure drop of the gas-solid flow through the rubber hose also increases with the speed and is greater than that of the steel pipe. In the cement test program, the test was carried out on the steel tube and the rubber hose, and found that in the low speed dense phase transport, the steel tube and the rubber hose pressure drop difference is not big. However, as the airflow velocity increases, the pressure drop through the hose increases significantly.


From the article above, the main features of the rubber hoses are given. We can also see from their comparison with the steel ones that they have many benefits. 


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