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STANDARDS is perfect at Automechanika Dubai 2019

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The three-day 2019 Frankfurt International Auto Show and Aftermarket Exhibition ended in Dubai International Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates as the largest and most effective professional auto parts exhibition in the Middle East. It is also the world's largest auto parts series AUTOMECHANIKA global tour. One of the exhibitions, Dubai Auto Show attracted the attention of people in the world. STANDARDS auto parts also attracted many professionals from around the world to visit.

According to China Information Network, as the STANDARDS brand that is the only showcase of this Dubai Auto Show, STANDARDS has made a strong attack, and the new upgraded new function integrated quick coupling show was the first show, which received strong attention from the market. Our feature-integrated quick couplings offer a range of benefits to automakers. The smaller the number of connecting pipes and the interface, the less the installation time, the lower the production cost, and the lower the risk of fuel leakage. They not only save space but also reduce the complexity of the system. By reducing the weight, it improves the overall weight/power ratio of the car, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Reducing the number of components also means fewer suppliers, making project management easier and simplifying the supply chain.


According to reports, this series of innovative products developed by STANDARDS is designed for the needs of the growing electromechanical coupling technology – combining intelligent components of electronics and mechanical engineering, as an advanced engine management system, this technology is increasingly becoming Standard configuration for all types of models. The new STANDARDS quick coupling incorporates several valves (such as check valves that prevent fuel leakage after disassembly, shut-off actuators, pressure regulators, etc.) and sensors that monitor pressure, temperature, and oil.

Messe Frankfurt is rooted in the global trade center of Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 800 years of exhibition history, it still holds the world's authoritative and international flagship exhibitions. It has a worldwide network of partners to understand the industry and set a benchmark.

Expanding the influence of STANDARDS quick coupling, we are serious!



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