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What size fuel line do I need?

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What size fuel line to buy is also a compulsory course before purchasing.

How to measure the fuel line length?

How to calculate the fuel pipe length?


1、How to measure the fuel line length?

The fuel pipe and other parts of the fuel system are responsible for transporting fuel from the fuel cell to the carburetor. Before purchasing a fuel line, it is important to have the right size to make the vehicle run efficiently. The size of the fuel line is mainly determined by the outer diameter. In fact, the methods of measuring pipelines are similar, the measurement process is very simple, and relatively few tools are used. The same procedure can be used to measure other types of pipes, such as pipes used for brake lines.

step 1:Uncover the fuel line to make it visible and easy to reach. Remember not to disassemble or disconnect the fuel line.

Step 2:Place the top open end of the 1/4 inch wrench on the fuel line. Carefully slide it through the pipeline so that it fits snugly against the pipeline. Read the measured value of the wrench to determine the diameter of the fuel line. If the wrench does not provide an accurate reading, place the caliper on the fuel line. Calipers are used to measure the distance between two sides of an object. Adjust the tip of the caliper so that it is firmly fixed on both sides of the line. Remove the caliper and read the measurement result.

Then the size of the fuel line is measured.

fuel line

2、How to calculate the fuel line length?

Many aftermarkets will list the required pipeline size. If the pipe size is not listed, use the table below as a basic guideline. This table applies to AN standards for fluid delivery pipes and flexible hoses. AN size" specifies the outside diameter of a hose or pipe in 1/16 inch increments. For example, AN size 2 indicates that the outside diameter of a pipe is 1/8 inch (2 x 1/16 inch), and AN size 3 outside the pipe The diameter is 3/16 inches (3 x 1/16 inches).

Recommended fuel line size (from tank to pump)

Engine output

Size (inch)


350 hp以下












Although these measured values reflect AN standards, the actual ID and OD and AN specifications may be slightly different, depending on the supplier. Make sure to use only compatible accessories!


When buying a fuel line, the most important thing is that the size is appropriate and the hardware conditions must meet the  actual requirements of the vehicle. Pay particular attention to the  tolerance of ethanol, as these types of fuels are extremely corrosive and can damage fuel pipes and fuel cells that are not suitable for disposal. Then it will bring a series of chain reactions, such  as clogging the fuel filter, and more serious, causing dangers such as explosion and damage.

Now you can come to our company to buy your fuel line. If there is anything unclear, we will explain it to you more carefully.


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