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What is the role of bleed pipe for cooling system?

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Bleed pipe is flexible hose used in truck engine coolling system, it is commonly seen in modern Scania, Volvo and Man trucks cooling system.


Coolant bleed pipe is between the upper part of the radiator and the expansion tank to prevent air from entering the cooling system.


The inner diameter of the coolant bleed hose must not be greater than specifications to avoid the flow becoming too great. There must be a bleeding pipe from the vent port on the cylinder heads to the expansion tank.


Here are the main points of the article:

What is bleed pipe?

What is the role of bleed hose for truck cooling system?

Is it safe to drive with a defect bleed pipe?


1.What is bleed pipe?


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 The top of the fuel tank must be connected to outside air to avoid vacuum inside the fuel tank or exhaust hole of exhaust pipe or filling port. In dusty environments, this port should be connected through a filter to prevent dust from entering the water tank.

2.What is the role of radiator bleed hose for truck cooling system?

There must always be a radiator bleed pipe between the upper part of the radiator and the expansion tank to prevent air from entering the cooling system.


The design of the cooling system must always allow the coolant to expand in an expansion tank. The expansion tank must be positioned slightly higher than the highest part in the rest of the cooling system. The volume for expansion (proportion of air) in the expansion tank should be at least 3% and the reserve volume (proportion of coolant) should be at least 5% of the total coolant volume.


For Multi-engine with common cooling system, the engines can be connected to a common external cooling system. The coolant air bleed pipe also plays an indispensable role.

The capacity of the radiator should be well matched to the number of engines in the engine installation and the overall coolant volume of the system.

It is possible to use a heat exchanger instead of radiators.


The radiator intake pipe should also have an exhaust pipe. It should be connected to the hose above the radiator.


All exhaust pipes must be connected to the expansion tank below the coolant level.


3.Is it safe to drive with a defect automotive bleed pipe?


Of course not, if so, you should to replace a new automotive bleed hose as soon as possible。


You must always ensure that the cooling system coolant pipe are not blocked or damaged. There are coolant line from the radiator and engine to the expansion tank.


If the exhaust pipe leaks or is damaged, the truck may not operate normally. The exhaust pipe plays a very important role in the truck's cooling system because it is located between the top of the radiator and the expansion tank to prevent air from entering the cooling system.


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From the passage above, hopefully you will know more about the role of bleed pipe. We are always pleased to be at your service for more technical support.


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