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What are the diesel injector leak off pipe purposes?

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Due to the way the diesel leak off pipe works, some of the fuel is discharged from the diesel leak off pipe and enters the fuel return system as leaking fuel. The following article shall describe more detail about diesel leak off pipes.


Here are the main points of the article:

What is the importance of diesel leak off pipe?

What is the diesel leak off pipe?

What is the injection control of the diesel leak off pipe?


1. What is the importance of diesel injector fuel return pipe?

The common crosshead engine is equipped with a central exhaust valve for single flow scavenging. With the exhaust valve in the center, diesel fuel return pipe connecting the three injectors surround the cylinder head. Atomizing nozzles are different in design from centralized injectors. These nozzles are designed to inject fuel into the air vortex without touching the liner surface. A single fuel return hose cannot be used because it can cause poor air fuel mix, poor combustion and localized high temperatures, although some engines use two injectors per cylinder. Due to the tangential design of the scavengers, the inflated air rotates around the cylinder shaft, an action known as a vortex, which better mixes the fuel from the three injectors and the air. The overall result is a uniform temperature distribution, higher combustion efficiency, lower exhaust valve temperature.

 Diesel leak off pipe

2. What is the leak off hose?

A jacketed or double-skinned fuel line between the fuel pump and injector is a safety measure to prevent the risk of fire if the fuel line fails. They are necessary for the engine to operate under UMS conditions. To be effective, they must be properly installed and sealed to prevent external leakage from fuel pumps and injectors. Leakage from the high pressure fuel pipe or the end of the annulus passes through the diesel overflow pipe to the alarm tank or the leak tank and then to the fuel drain tank. The diesel leak off pipe's outer covering prevents the leaking oil from leaking into the surrounding environment. The leak tank or alarm tank can be installed on all devices or individually on each cylinder. A small leak is channeled through an orifice to the fuel drain tank. When the leakage volume is large, the flow through the orifice is not enough to exhaust all the oil. Now the water level in the leak tank is rising, which will lift the float installed in the leak tank. The float is connected to an alarm circuit. If the alarm operation, the engineer must identify the diesel injection return hose and replace it as needed.


3. What is the injection control of the diesel leak off pipe?

The fuel system must also control the injection rate. The rate of fuel injection determines the rate of combustion. The injection rate, which is correlated to the diesel leak off line, at startup should be low enough that excess fuel does not accumulate in the burner during the initial ignition delay. The rate of oil injection should not increase the combustion pressure too much, but the rate of oil injection must allow the fuel to enter as quickly as possible for complete combustion. Incorrect injection speed has the same effect on the engine as incorrect injection timing. When the injection rate is too low, the results are similar to those obtained when the injection is too late. The results were similar to those caused by premature injections.


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