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What are pnuematic fittings for air brake lines?

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Pneumatic fittings are mostly used to connect pneumatic air brake hoses for industrial and commercial vehicles. Pneumatic fittings are characterized by low pressure requirements and tightness, lightweight and compact, easy installation and cost-effectiveness.

The following article shall focus on telling the below main points:

1.The function of air brake system

2.The types of pneumatic fittings

3.The application of pneumatic fittings

The function of air brake system

IMG_20180917_112131 拷贝

Air brake systems are commonly used for commercial vehicles and buses. First, let's review how an air brake system functions. 

Air brake systems are divided into two sub-systems:service and emergency. 

The service system is at work when the vehicle is in operation; the emergency system is at work when the vehicle is parked or if the service system fails. Thus, the air from the compressor is stored in a series of tanks and is replenished by the compressor when the pressure in the tanks falls to a designated level.

The service system is comprised of three sub-systems, that are, air supply system, air control system and foundation brake system.

Supply system provides, and stores the compressed air which is the medium of control and power of the vehicle's braking system.

Control system regulates the pressure and flow of compressed air from the supply system.

Wheel end components build up the foundation brake system. The foundation brake system is the friction brake, related parts and components that convert motion to heat energy and stop the commercial vehicles and buses. The air system controls the foundation brake system.

The types of pneumatic fittings

Pneumatic fittings are usually distinguished based on their connection type and function. Nylon fittings are used to reduce weight (there may be up to 80 fittings on a trailer), while brass is used for durability.

Pneumatic fittings installed in pneumatic systems perform different functions. Let's see some common types:


These couplings can easily be disconnected without cutting. They generally have built-in grooves on their outer (male) or inner (female) surfaces to accept connections and ensure excellent tube retention and release.

pneumatic coupling (77)


The elbow fittings to make you to change the directional flow at various angles. Common angles are 45° and 90°.  They also contain internal hexagonal holes to provide the ability of installing the fittings in a narrow space. 

pneumatic coupling (101)

3. TEE

Tee pneumatic fittings connect the flow section via a T-shaped intersection, thereby allowing the fluid flow to either combine or split apart. These tube fittings are best used only for fluids like air and water. And there are also F type intersection.

The application of pneumatic fittings

Air brake line pneumatic fittings are designed to meet the requirements of international standards as well as major truck manufacturers specifications. The applications are for airbrake, air suspension, engine braking and many cab, chassis and trailer.

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