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Transport And Store Of Hydraulic Hoses

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Transport And Store Of Hydraulic Hoses

The transportation and storage of hydraulic hose is also extremely important. There are something we must know:


Loading and unloading process of hydraulic hose

During the loading and unloading process, it is necessary to lightly load and unload. The hydraulic rubber hoses need to be sorted into rolls (bars) neatly. To avoid excessive bending of the pipe body, other heavy objects should not be piled on the hose. Forbidden to mix the hose with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, flammable and explosive materials; the pipe body should not be in direct contact with the goods with sharp edges.


For hydraulic rubber hoses that need to be transported straight, when the length exceeds the loading compartment, the extra long part should be supported by the bracket to prevent the hose from being damaged on the ground. If the hose needs to be temporarily parked in the open air (or workshop dock) for any reason, the site must be leveled, the hose should be laid flat and no heavy objects should be piled up; at the same time, the hose should not be in contact with the heat source.


When transporting the hose, it should not be dragged anywhere. Heavy-duty hoses should be loaded or unloaded with lifting equipment or special tools to prevent accidental damage to the hose.


Storage of hydraulic hose

The storage room for storing hoses should be kept clean and ventilated. The relative temperature should be below 80%. The temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -15~+40°C, and the hose should be protected from direct sunlight and rain and snow. When storing the hoses, they should be placed according to different specifications. Do not mix and store them, and sign them for access.


The hydraulic hose should be stored in a slack state as much as possible. Generally, the hose with an inner diameter of 76 mm or less can be coiled and stored (but the inner diameter of the disc should be no less than 15 times the inner diameter of the hose). In order to prevent the tube from being deformed under pressure during storage, Stacking should not be too high, generally the height should not exceed 1.5m; and the hoses are often required to "crack" during storage, generally not less than once a quarter.


When storing the hydraulic hoses, it should not be in contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents or other corrosive liquids or gases; and should be separated from the heat source 1m away from the hose during storage, it is strictly prohibited to stack heavy objects on the pipe body and prevent the outside squeeze and damage.


During the storage of the Industrial hose, hydraulic hose and other hoses, it should not be more than two years, and should be used first by the warehousing to prevent the quality of the hose from being affected due to storage.


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