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​The working principle of various pipe quick connector

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The working principle of various pipe quick connector

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Ferrule type quick connector:


By tightening the ferrule type quick connector nut, the ferrule and the pipe are deformed at the same time to be connected and sealed. The structure is simple and the seal is reliable.


Plug-in connector:

Insert the plastic tube from the hole of the nut to the cone surface of the pneumatic connector, then tighten the nut, and press the plastic tube tightly by the compression ring and the cone surface of the connector. When disassembling, loosen the nut to pull out the plastic pipe, which is convenient for installation and reliable sealing.

Quick-change connectors:

When disassembling, push the ferrule to the left to the end, and the plug can be pulled out to the right. At the same time, the one-way valve is pressed against the cone of the plug body to the right under the action of the spring to achieve sealing, and the air source will not leak. When connecting, insert the plug into the plug body, push the one-way valve to the left, connect the air source, and the steel column will also snap into the slot to achieve quick connection.

Speed control motor connectors:

Control the effective area of the flow. There are two types of control methods: inlet throttling and outlet throttling, which can be selected according to the installation thread and the size of the pipe. It is easy to make fine adjustments in the low flow area to make the cylinder reach the desired speed.

Clamp type connectors:

use a metal clamp to clamp the cotton braided hose on the core of the pneumatic couplings, and connect it to the joint body with a nut; rely on the tightening effect after inserting the hose, the clamping force of the clamp and the two cones Connect and seal with mutual pressing force. It has better manufacturability and reliable sealing, but it is laborious to disassemble and assemble.


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