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The function of fuel line quick coupling

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The function of fuel line quick coupling 

Fuel hose fittings

The function of fuel line quick coupling 

Many people will ask what is the specific function of the fuel line quick coupling? Where is the scope of application? What are the specific parameters? Some problems should be paid attention to during use. According to these questions, we lists the advantages of the following quick connectors.  Those who have questions in this regard can take a look at the content information issued.

 Fuel line quick coupling has the following characteristics: It saves time and effort when disassembling and assembling: when connecting fuel lines, there is a corresponding correlation between fuel line, so the operation is simple, saving time and manpower. 

Product models are flexible and diverse: product models mainly include 8 types that can be selected by users; and different users need different types. 

Environmental protection: It can be matched with the thread of the screw and the valve. When broken and connected, the valve is adjusted to close the oil without oil leakage to protect the environment. 

Unique mechanical equipment design, convenient and fast logistics and transportation: large-scale facilities may need easy-to-carry hydraulic equipment, which can be split and transported by joints, and then used after arriving at the place.

 Economy: The above-mentioned advantages create economic value for users. 

Specific parameters: 

The working pressure of the product: 1.6Mpa~3.2Mpa. Temperature: -20~+230°C. 

Product connection methods: internal and external threads, connecting hoses, flanges, welding, socket welding, plate handles.

 Precautions for use:

 It must not be used for other fluids. 

Do not exceed the maximum application pressure when using it. 

Do not use it outside the operating temperature range to prevent seal damage or leakage. 

Do not artificially hit, bend, stretch, and prevent damage. 

It should not be mixed into metal powder or dust to prevent poor work or leakage. 

Thread assembly should not exceed the maximum tightening torque during the process to prevent damage. 

It is strictly forbidden to use cracked plastic hoses to prevent leakage or loosening. 

If it is used for vibration or shock, it will cause a decrease in durability. 

The flow gas used must be a clean fluid filtered through a filter system. 

Remember to replace the connector.

 Everyone must pay attention to the points mentioned above.


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