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The application of SAE quick connector

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The application of SAE quick connector

sae quick connector

SAE quick connector is a very good part of automobile pipeline connection. It has been widely used in automobile fuel system and meet the corresponding standards. It should be noted here that SAE quick connector is on sale. At the time, it is not stipulated to prepare the fuel line or leak off pipe to connect it, but our company can also supply the appropriate connection hose according to the requirements of the customer.

Technical characteristics: When under working pressure of medium of fuel, air and gas, the temperature about -40° to +115°. Engine motor can reach 150 degrees Celsius in a short time about 30 minutes, so this also meets the specific requirements of SAE J2044 Requirements, the advantage of the product is rapid equipment, no tools are required at all, so this also saves time, and also reduces a lot of cost. Automatic assembly can be applied to some automatic production lines. , Its structure is very compact, so it is suitable for some occasions where the equipment space is particularly limited.

Integral sealing structure, excellent sealing effect is used in the field of automobile industry. The application related to SAE quick couplings can also be applied to pipe-to-pipe connections and also suitable for pipe-to-equipment invisible connection, delivery to fuel line and fuel return line, fuel tank drain pipes, exhaust pipes and cooling pipes, etc. All can be used. The good parts of auto vacuum tube quick connector are widely used in the car's SC2 pipeline system, and it is connected to meet the J2044 standard.

Fuel line quick connector is the connection method of the automobile medium transmission. It is mainly designed for the fuel system and is suitable for the standard material of the methanol feed pipe of M100M80. The fuel line quick coupling is made of recycled material. Therefore, this also greatly reduces the probability of infiltration. The product uses an O-ring made of nylon alloy and 20% to 50% glass fiber, and uses a special fkm as the standard material to connect the end.  Meet with the international SAE J2044 standard.

All quick connectors do not provide SAE plugs, but if customers really need them, most companies will provide SAE  plugs to customers. The technical characteristics, medium liquid, operating pressure at the 10bar, operating temperature are about -40~135°C of positive pressure engine, and it can reach 150°C in an instant, so this also meets the requirements of SAE and SAE advantages.


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