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Structural Composition of The Pneumatic System

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Pneumatic systems are technologies that use compressed air as a power source to drive and control various mechanical devices to mechanize and automate the production process. With the development of industrial mechanization automation, pneumatic technology is increasingly used in various fields.

In pneumatic systems, the pneumatic system can be divided into the following four components depending on the different functions of the pneumatic components and devices.

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(1) Air source device. The air source device converts the mechanical energy provided by the prime mover into the pressure energy of the gas to provide compressed air to the system. It is mainly composed of an air compressor, and is also equipped with auxiliary equipment such as a gas storage tank and a gas source purification device.

(2) Actuator. The actuator acts as an energy converter to convert the pressure energy of the compressed air into the mechanical energy of the working device. Its main form is cylinder output linear reciprocating mechanical energy, swing cylinder and air motor output rotary swing and rotary mechanical energy respectively. For systems with vacuum pressure as the power source, vacuum suction cups are used to complete various lifting operations.

(3) Control elements. The control element is used to control and control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the compressed air, allowing the system actuator to operate according to the functional requirements of the program and performance. According to the different functions, there are many types of control components. The pneumatic system generally includes four types of control components: pressure, flow, direction and logic.

(4) Auxiliary components. Auxiliary components are various pneumatic components required for internal lubrication of components, exhaust noise, connection between components, and signal conversion, display, amplification, detection, etc., such as oil misters, mufflers, pipe fittings and pipe joints, converters, Display, sensor, etc.

Pneumatic is the abbreviation of "pneumatic technology" or "pneumatics and control". Pneumatic technology is an engineering technology that uses air compressor as the power source and compressed air as the working medium for energy transfer or signal transmission. It is an important means to achieve various production control and automatic control. In the era of human pursuit of peaceful coexistence with nature, research and vigorous development of aerodynamics has a very special significance for the protection of the global environment and resources. With the development of industrial mechanization and automation, pneumatic technology is increasingly used in various fields. In particular, pneumatic automatic devices with low cost and simple structure have been widely used and applied, and have a very important position in industrial enterprise automation.

Today, all countries in the world use pneumatic systems as a low-cost industrial automation method in the industrial field. Domestic and foreign since the 1960s. With the development of industrial mechanization and automation, pneumatic technology is increasingly used in various fields. Today, pneumatic components have evolved faster than hydraulic components, and pneumatics has become an independent field of expertise.


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