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STANDARDS develops fuel line connection solutions for automotive power systems

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STANDARDS has introduced a new line of feature-integrated quick connectors that will help car manufacturers develop next-generation fuel line systems.

Designed for the growing demand for electromechanical coupling technology, this series of innovative products combines intelligent components from electronics and mechanical engineering as an advanced engine management system that is increasingly becoming standard on all models.

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The new STANDARDS quick coupler incorporates several valves (such as check valves that prevent fuel leakage after disassembly, shut-off actuators, pressure regulators, etc.) and sensors that monitor pressure, temperature, and oil.

Our feature-integrated quick couplings offer a range of benefits to automakers. The smaller the number of connecting pipes and the interface, the less the installation time, the lower the production cost, and the lower the risk of fuel leakage.

They not only save space but also reduce the complexity of the system. By reducing the weight, it improves the overall weight/power ratio of the car, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Reducing the number of components also means fewer suppliers, making project management easier and simplifying the supply chain.

Our solution will use a positive temperature coefficient thermistor technology to thaw the car urea without any aging. Future products use quick connectors for easy installation and are suitable for SCR systems for cars, off-road vehicles and trucks.

Our in-house technology center is currently providing technical support for the research, developing heating components, making the new technology more affordable, even for small cars.

As more and more hybrid vehicles are put on the market and the network of charging stations in various countries is becoming more common, the latest fuel technology is another topic of discussion.

In addition to fuel line systems, STANDARDS products are used in all automotive fluid connection systems such as cooling circuits, power steering and brake fluid circuits. The company's technical staff work closely with the development team of the OEM to create new coupling parts that meet the customer's individual and precise product requirements.

One of the company's main strengths is its advanced simulation technology and its investment in the industry's cutting-edge hydraulic thermal dynamic 3D modeling tools that provide valuable data during the evaluation test. These tools accurately predict performance from the CAD design of the product proposal, directing the development team to make the necessary adjustments and more quickly prototype the product.

In addition to responding to the market's demand for better quality products, we are also proactively developing innovative solutions for automotive, truck and industrial applications. We constantly design new systems and explore ways we bring more value to our customers.

STANDARDS quick connectors are designed to improve sealing, prevent fuel leakage and reduce assembly time. These features are still critical today, and quick connectors with valves and sensors have proven to provide even more advantages.

Functional integration is still a relatively new area, but it is clear that we have become the world's leading development company for this exciting technology. As fuel line systems of all types of vehicles become more sophisticated and more diverse, we have a solid foundation to win a place in the growing market for years to come.


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