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Performance of High Pressure Fuel Pipe

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The high pressure fuel pipe is required that the fuel pipe needs to bear a certain fuel pressure and has certain fatigue strength to ensure the sealing requirements of the pipeline. The high pressure fuel hose for the vehicle mainly appears in the high pressure diesel injection engine . The gasoline engine can withstand the oil pressure required during engine operation.

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Classification: high pressure steel wire braided hose, high pressure steel wire wrapped hose, large-diameter high pressure hose, steel wire (fiber) reinforced nylon elastomer resin tube, steel wire reinforced soft, ultra high pressure hose, high temperature hose, polyurethane hose.

Structure: The high pressure fuel pipe is composed of a wire-wound skeleton layer and internal and external oil-resistant rubber, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber and weather-resistant special rubber.

Uses: used in excavators, loaders, rollovers, hydraulic boosters, hydraulic supports, cement pipes, agricultural irrigation hoses, engineering machinery hydraulic tubing, submarine gas transportation, oil transportation.

Abnormal vibration at the high pressure fuel pipe , resulting in oil leakage accidents, is a more complicated problem. Because the high pressure fuel pipe is connected to the high pressure fuel pump and the fuel injection machine, it belongs to the fuel injection system and its role is very important.

High pressure fuel pipes can withstand high pressures of up to 150 MPa, and abnormal vibrations can cause huge losses, and there are still large fire hazards. To eliminate the fault, the opening and closing of the injector needle valve during operation will cause strong high-frequency vibration of the high pressure fuel pipe, which is one of the important reasons for the damage of the high pressure fuel pipe. To this end, the middle portion of the high pressure fuel pipe can be fixed to a fixing member such as an adjacent bolt by a clip to reduce resonance. In addition, the quality of the high pressure fuel pipe should be properly closed, and the pipe clamp should be installed in the correct position. Do not miss it. If there is a leak in the high pressure tubing, some of the emergency measures we need to know are:

1. Use a soft metal piece or a plastic piece to cut into a small circular ring in the pocket, and then press the horn;

2. Use a fuse and cotton thread to wrap a few turns around the shoulder in the direction of tightening. Tighten the connecror nut. You can apply soapy gum or chewing gum to the nut seat.

The above methods are emergency methods under sudden conditions, and the performance of the hose must be greatly reduced. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to avoid the rupture of the hose, so it is necessary to perform diligent inspection and maintenance.


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