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method of treatment after use of food grade silicone hose

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Method of treatment after use of food grade silicone hose

medical grade silicone lines

All food-grade silicone hoses are mostly the same in terms of treatment methods. They can only be used after strict comply with disinfection. Then the disinfection method and the disinfection temperature must be known. This kind of tube is different from other products. The disinfection temperature is the Key links.

No matter what type of silicone hose, it can be sterilized with +250°C (+482°F) hot air or +135°C (+275°F) steam under 3.5bars pressure, and the maximum sterilization time is 1.5 hours +135°C (+275℃F), the shortest time interval after one disinfection is one hour. To restore the hose to a stable state, steam will change the organic substance and expansion properties of the silicone elastomer. After the accumulation time of steam disinfection exceeds 150 hours, the silicone hose should be carefully checked whether the pipe can continue to be used, the silicone hose will not function well exceed the recommended disinfection life. Failure to follow the operating specifications will result in undesirable situations. We will not be responsible for improper use of the hose, but the user must provide the highest PH value and working temperature of the material to be transferred. In addition, we do not recommend using silicone hoses to transfer abrasives.

Even if the silicone hose does not contain a silicone seal, the silicone hose cannot withstand rolling. Rolling will cause the internal objects to be compressed and disassembled, which will cause high pressure in the production and will damage the silicone hose. Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the silicone hose, must be installed and used in the range of the temperature of parameters.A silicone hose cannot be used as a rope. Please do not use it to pull or drag any object. At the same time, avoid dragging the food-grade silicone tubings on the ground. If it is not used temporarly, we should wash it clean, sterilize the silicone hose, and then put it on a dry shelf to avoid exposure to sunlight and ozone, avoid it being placed in chemicals. We should use 45°C or 90°C for the interface to bend the head and tail to ensure that dust and harmful substances enter the pipe.


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