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Main applied equipment of food grade silicone hose-aerated water mixer

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Main applied equipment of food grade silicone hose-aerated water mixer

silicone hose

Aerated water mixer is key machine of carbonated water, send the clean treated frozen water by the food grade silicone hose to the mixing beck,and then spray it into the vaporific water. In the process of falling under its own weight, the frozen water and carbon dioxide gas are fully contacted and mixed,and gradually absorbed by water molecules under pressure to form carbonated water.The machine is composed of double acting piston pump, mixing barrel, base and food grade silicone hose. Its water inlet and outlet pipes are food grade stainless steel wire silicone hose. The pipeline system is completely sealed, with simple structure and convenient maintenance.

The action principle of the soda mixer is based on the carbonated water formed by the chemical reaction of water and carbon dioxide under a certain pressure and temperature environment. During the transportation of mixed water through food-grade silicone pipes, the degree of chemical reaction is closely related to the pressure of carbon dioxide, the temperature of water, and the contact area and contact time between water and carbon dioxide. Food-grade silicone hose, the inner wall is transparent and smooth, does not contain any plasticizers and plasticizers, and does not have any adverse reactions to the conveyed materials. The lower the temperature of the treated water, the better, 4-5 degrees is suitable, and the maximum cannot exceed 25 degrees. The temperature resistance of food-grade silicone hoses is between minus 30 degrees and high temperatures of 100 degrees, which is very suitable for pipeline transportation. Not Affects the absorption rate of carbon dioxide by chilled water.


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