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How to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

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How to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

Farm and heavy equipment uses a hydraulic pump, valve spools, and cylinders to perform their tasks. These components are interconnected with a series of steel tubes and steel reinforced rubber hoses, and the hydraulic oil may eventually begin to leak through these hoses, making it necessary to replace them. So where can we start? I hope everyone can get some information from the following content.


What size rubber hose do I need?

Size determines velocity of oil (or other media) running through the rubber hose. Too fast may result in system damage, leaks and inefficient operation. Too slow can cause low system pressure and poor performance. The inside diameter of a hose determines oil velocity: the smaller the I.D., the faster the velocity. The correct hose size for a given application is a factor of flow in gallons per minute, velocity in feet per second and I.D.


How does media affect rubber hose requirements?

The media being conveyed must be compatible with the entire assembly: hose and fittings. If not, you risk contaminating and damaging your entire system, as result of issues like hose cover blisters and erosion.


How does temperature affect the service life of rubber hose?

Two considerations are key to getting the maximum service life from the hose:

External Environment: This refers to the ambient temperature (outside the hose). The more extremely hot or cold the ambient temperature, the more durable the hose cover needs to be.

Conveyed Media: This refers to temperature of the media flowing through the hose. One media type, such as air, may be rated at a different temperature than another, such as water—for the same hose.

Choose a hose with a working temperature equal to or greater than both fluid and ambient temperatures.


How does the hose application affect its dependability and performance?

Hydraulic hose is used in many different applications, each with its own set of requirements. These can be distilled down to four key elements:

1. Impulse and Duty Cycle : How frequently the hose is exposed to full pressure, as well as sudden pressure surges or spikes

2. Steel Wire Reinforcement Type : Spiral is better for high-impulse, high duty cycles than braided. But, braided is more flexible

3. Outer Hose Cover Strength : Categorized as tough or super tough. You may also need protective accessories such as hose guards or sleeving.

4. Bend Radius : If the hose is installed in a cramped space or is restricted in some way, you’ll need one that’s flexible, such as a Compact Spiral hose.


How does pressure affect rubber hose selection?

Pressure isn’t just about relief valve limit or maximum working pressure. You also need to consider:

System Pressure : Is the system dynamic (fluctuating pressure, with potential for vibration, shock and temperature changes) or static (mostly free of changes once it’s pressurized)?

Impulse Pressure : Pressure spikes or surges

In a dynamic system, the hose should have a working pressure equal to or greater than working and impulse pressures. Remember, this applies to the entire assembly, including hose ends. 


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