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How to prevent cracking of silicone hose?

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Silicone hose is a kind of industrial supplies and daily necessities that we use at present. Silicone hose products are widely used. In many electrical connectors, the water pipe protection has a certain connection effect, and the product is too soft or the hardness is not in accordance with the use effect. It may lead to different problems, and the hardness and the performance of the product determine its quality problems, which may also cause such problems in the production process of silicone hose manufacturers, such as products that are too soft or too brittle.

Silicone strips are usually used for forced extrusion to achieve sealing protection, so if there is a problem with the softness of the product, it is likely to cause some functional defects, and the hardness is in addition to the raw materials. The process can be regulated, and the specific deployment method still needs to be determined according to the requirements of the product and the efficiency of production.

Time and temperature are the main problems in the control of silicone products. In the high temperature vulcanization process, the mold is in a heat curing state. If the time and temperature are not controlled during curing, the hardness of the product will be different, and the product will be soft or too brittle. The phenomenon is that silicone extrusion silicone hoses are usually formed at a high temperature, so the temperature control and delivery time of the silicone manufacturer need to be strictly controlled, and the thickness and the diameter of the product are determined according to the size of the product. There is no need to modify the parameters.

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If the molding method is adopted, it is necessary to control the time of the mold at all times. The molding of the silicone hose requires a certain temperature to be controlled, and the manual time and the actual residence of the mold are required to be controlled. The extruded silicone strip is only the parameters. Waiting for the product to go out, it is usually the case that the molded silicone product is soft or hard.

If the processing time of the silicone hose is too long, the product becomes brittle and the following phenomena are likely to occur:

1. The silicone hose is easily broken and deformed or notched when subjected to long-term compression or stretching.

2. The product is not easy to twist, long-term bending is easy to break, can not be used for long-term force sealed transmission.

3. The rebound difference is not force, the tensile resilience is reduced, the force is not good, and the deformation phenomenon occurs in the long-term use.

4. The use of the effect is not good, can not achieve the actual functionality, does not adapt to the environment, long-term use can not reach the actual service life range.


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