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How To Identify Good Or Poor Quality Of Hydraulic Rubber Hose

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How To Identify Good Or Poor Quality Of Hydraulic Rubber Hose


The quality of hydraulic rubber hose is important.There are several methods can help customer to make first judge.


First, See

1. Look at the surface of the hydraulic rubber hose: The surface of the hydraulic rubber hose is generally divided into two types: smooth surface and cloth surface, the smooth surface requires smooth, no bubbles, protrusions, etc., or uniform protrusion; the cloth surface requires the winding area to be flat and compact.The poor quality of hydraulic hose, There will be gaps in the fracture of cloth surface, and the winding will not be tight.


2. Look at the number of steel layers: hydraulic hoses are generally divided into three layers, namely the inner rubber layer, the reinforcement layer, the outer rubber layer. The reinforcement layer belongs to the middle layer, and the layer is generally braid or spiral by fiber or steel wire. And the greater the number of wires, the greater the strength.


3. See if the hydraulic hoses is eccentric: the rubber core is normal round in general conditions, under eccentric conditions may affect the use.


4. Look at the bending degree of the hydraulic hoses body: after the pipe body is folded in half, look at the color change and rebound speed of the surface of the hydraulic hoses, and the hydraulic hoses with small color change and fast rebound speed is generally of good quality.

 IMG_20180706_175108 拷贝

Second, Measurement

1.Measuring pipe diameter, wall thickness: the wall thickness of good quality hydraulic hoses is uniform, pipe diameter is equal everywhere.


2.Measuring pressure: It is necessary to measure the pressure of the hydraulic hoses by means of equipment. The greater the bearing capacity, the better the relative quality.


Third, Smell

Is There any smell in the tube: the quality is good if the hydraulic hose has a low odor.


These can help preliminary judge hydraulic rubber hose, if you want know more information, you should do professional testing.


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