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How to deal with the oil leakage of fuel pipe fittings?

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How to deal with the oil leakage of fuel pipe fittings?

fuel pipe fittings

The better way to deal with oil leakage from fuel hose connectors is:

 1. Damage to the fuel tank: If oil leakage is found in the fuel tank, you can wipe the leaking place clean and apply soap or chewing gum to the leaking place to temporarily block it. Repair with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better;

2. Oil pipe rupture: When the oil pipe ruptures, wipe the rupture clean, coated soap, twine the rupture area of the oil pipe with a cloth or tape, bundle it tightly with iron wire, and finally coated a layer of soap;

  3. The oi hose is broken: when the petrol hose is broken, you can find a rubber or plastic tube with a diameter similar to that of the fuel pipe to sleeve it. If the socket connection is not tight enough, tie both ends with iron wire tightly;

    4. Oil pipe connectors leakage: If the engine fuel line connectors leaks, you can tie cotton yarn around the bottom of the button, and then tighten the oil pipe nut and the fuel pipe connectors;

 5. Suddenly the radiator leak off: It can be repaired with soap or rice and 502 glue. The specific method is to let the soap soak with water and knead it into a silly putty shape by hand, press it into the leaking part of the water tank, and fill in the radiator to temporarily stop the leak. The rice is softened by hand, and then pressed into the leaking part of the water tank.


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