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How to choose ford focus fuel pipe?

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Whether it is construction, agriculture or transportation machinery, our production line system of fuel line pipes is suitable for all types of fuel: gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, biodiesel, liquefied petroleum gas and definitely suitable for ford focus. They're as strong as your engine needs to be. This ensures optimum engine performance at all times. Read the following article to know more.


Here are the main points of the article:

How can we tell the problems in the fuel pipes?

What are the replacement options of fuel hoses?

What should you not do to the fuel line?


1. How can we tell the problems in the fuel pipes?

The vacuum test will eliminate possible problems on the pickup screen in fuel line pipes, hoses, filters, and tanks. For example, a clogged fuel pickup screen may make the fuel pump fail the volume test. To measure the vacuum, connect the vacuum gauge to the inlet side of the pump and leave the fuel line pipe in the graduated container from the volume test. Open the control valve on the hose, start the engine, run it on carburetor fuel, or connect the voltage to the electric pump. Please compare your reading with the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, the fuel pump vacuum should be between 7 and 10 inches/mercury. A good reading indicates a good fuel pump. If the pump fails the pressure or volume test but passes the vacuum test, the fuel supply line and filter may fail.

 Fuel line pipes

2. What are the replacement options of fuel line pipes?

There are three options for replacing fuel lines, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Replace the entire pipe with a pre-bending fuel line pipe: Production lines can be sourced from the aftermarket and from new car dealers. This may be the most expensive and labor-intensive option, but this option is the most durable for repairs, returning the vehicle to preferred new conditions, and preventing the customer from coming back with another leak. This is not an option for all vehicles.

2. Bend the fuel line pipes yourself: This is an option if you are willing to invest in bending and flaring tools. If you plan to use this method, purchase a tool that can quickly disconnect connectors. These kits can be expensive, but they can pay off by increasing productivity without having to wait for parts. But you must carry some basic accessories.

3. Nylon fuel line pipes: One option for replacing metal fuel line pipes is to use nylon tubing and specific accessories. The nylon fuel line pipe can be used for the entire length of the fuel line or just one part. This option can be a cost-effective and time efficient maintenance when pre-bending lines are not available. With the right accessories, factory-style quick disconnect accessories can be connected with wire or can replace part of the wire. Just replacing a portion of the leaking pipe can get the customer back on the road, but corrosion elsewhere could lead to another leak.


3. What should you not do to the fuel pipes?

Do not use braided stainless-steel wire. You may think race-style braided stainless steel hose is the ultimate solution to leaking fuel line pipes. They make sense for some racing cars and rock crawlers, but improved routes can be a headache for everyday drivers.

Do not replace long running rigid lines with flexible fuel hoses. Even with the best fuel injection, the low permeability fuel line pipe will have some steam loss. In addition, road debris can damage wiring. This is very dangerous and it may be difficult to seal the connection between the metal pipe and the hose, possibly at 50 psi or more.


Any fuel leak, however small, could cause a fire. Do not drive a car with a suspected leak until it is fixed. Never place a car dripping with petrol where passers-by might throw cigarette butts. A small fire extinguisher, installed where you can reach it quickly, is a valuable accessory. For more tips about fuel line pipes, call us.


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