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How Long Should The Hoses In a Hydraulic System Last

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How Long Should The Hoses In a Hydraulic System Last


How long should the hoses in a hydraulic system last? Well, the short answer is that it depends.  Some people are surprised to find that hose material has a shelf life and that it can be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity and ultraviolet light exposure of the area where it is stored.  This differs by hose type and manufacturer of course, but that is not what our customers usually mean when they ask about hose life.

Naturally rubber hoses will not last forever. And certainly they will not last as long as hard pipe. Wherever possible, long hose runs should always be replaced by hard pipe, terminating with a length of flexible hose into.components to absorb shock. But some applications demand hoses and we would like for them to last as long as possible.  So even if we can’t predict rubber hose life with any accuracy, we can at least be sure that we get the maximum possible life from the rubber hose. Here are a few of the more common mistakes we find that can shorten rubber hose life expectancy:

Using the wrong size hose

Sizing the hydraulic hose is more than cutting it to the right length and putting on the right fitting.  Hydraulic hoses are designed for specific flow rates, pressures and temperatures.  If we deviate from their specifications, hydraulic hose life can suffer. 

Most of the time, if a hose installation looks good, it is good.  But if the hose is rubbing against something, snaking around the floor, has unnecessary bends or is jammed into too small of a space, perhaps it needs some attention.

Failing to take into account the abuse a hose will suffer

Hydraulic hoses are not indestructible.  If subjection of a hose to a hazard is unavoidable, there are many options available to protect it. If a hose must be installed close to a heat source, for instance, a metal heat shield should be installed to protect it. If abrasion cannot be avoided, use a protective cover.  Ultraviolet rays from the sun can badly degrade hose material, so if it must be subjected to the elements, protect it. 


An inspection of all of the rubber hoses should be performed at least monthly. Signs that a hose is about to fail such as bubbling of the outer hose, loss of flexibility, cracks, discoloration or signs of abrasion are easy to spot.  It is always better to replace the hose before it fails.  If the hose fails during production, not only will production time be lost but it is likely that the ruptured hose will damage something else. Anyone who has ever witnessed a hydraulic hose breaking knows that it is not something to be taken lightly. If your hoses have lasted a year or two, consider yourself fortunate and replace them whether they appear to need it or not.  And if a industrial hose is located where someone could be injured or killed if it fails, a much closer change interval is justified.


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